Tuesday, October 31, 2006

feminine blizzard harshness

Open vacancies go on the rise... to leave it any residue cornflower. Contamination linguistics offer embarrassment language written... asking... about our purpose.


Access granted to send emails to whale-backed endangered species! Moeso-gothic object-speculum especially crafted outer-letter search-phrase quotes Depakote: My darling, are you happy?


The tension and then the relief after, but unable in this moment of stress, to silence Duke Ellington, hoped dissatisfaction to turn sweet.


What SHOULD we say, if anything, at decided guy… Let's be friends?
       - S. Clutterbuck

Mr. S. Clutterbuck of Strathclyde, Scotland thinks he is a professor of poetry emeritus at the University of Paisley, School of Media, Language and Music. Mr. Clutterbuck was born in India in May 1939 as the sonne of an army captain. His family moved back to England in 1947 for some reason and lived in the something-something area near someplace important. Sometime after his father’s death, Mr. Clutterbuck continued to live in the same house alone until (at the age of 55) he was given £60,000 (a very large sum at the time) to marry somebody for some reason that seemed awfully important.

Monday, October 30, 2006


Stay at moms work from home
delivering pharmacy worldwide
cartridge discrepancies.

Discover mother-in-law products that can improve you life!
:::methyl cyanide
::::nitrogen tetroxide

Please do not come to work today

Painful disorder?
No work tomorrow; Office closed

Office closed; No work tomorrow

Handshake cold sore?
Please do not come to the office today

Trust me, mole catcher. X-ray therapy doesn't keep you up at night.
       - Lua Haskell-Eiffel

Mrs. Haskell-Eiffel is best known for her groundbreaking work in R&D for Commodore International & MOS between 1978 and 1983. Her interest in poetry began as a fluke when she noticed that several lines of complex programming code could be read as a surreal story. Mrs. Haskell-Eiffel began to experiment with this idea at the same time she was introduced to leet-speak. In 1986, over the course of two weeks, she composed “D34D p30PL3 74$73 L1|<3 (|-|1(|<3|\|”, which combined leet and obscure programming syntax to form an epic battle poem as an allegory to her days at Commodore. Her poem, “{tthemee}” was written several years ago, but makes its first published appearance on our site.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Blender Tablet [concrete]

       - Damaris Spohn

Schooled in the poetic arts by ninjas of the Black Mountain College, Ms. Spohn has been crafting poetry, art, and abstract writing for over 20 years. Some of her earlier works, such as the series of randomly dual-coloured 35 foot by 42 foot posters that displayed the word “bAUMb” in 3 inch letters, echoed the avant-garde style of Andrew Warhola or Yoko Ono circa Fluxus. She gained national exposure in 1995 when she plastered 38 bright orange four foot by four foot posters with the words “Wet Paint” on the steps of the city hall building in Trenton, NJ. Recently she has taken the concrete poetique style to heart and created a series of concrete sculptures (some twenty three feet high) using her concrete poetique work.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Electricity Bitterness

Non-bolshevist mulatto
   following haunted neo-roman
      looking for change about suffered grounds
         in between sips of a martini.

A man outside lazily
   shocked diplomats and harshly bent
      shitty sorbet that awarded each caught
         of his fiercest foreign eleven ancestry.

And now you wanna see
   brazenly pounded pigpen
      unbutton our mission here in barbuda seclusion?

Forget about it and take pleasure every night!
       - Yanochka K.

Ms. Yanochka K. is a native of San Francisco eh, but not a Native American living in San Francisco way. Rather... she is a person who was born in San Francisco yo and not a transplant to San Francisco like many of her friends go. Ms. Yanochka K. gets around you know, but not like gets around like a ho. It’s understandable that some think doing the poetry circuit is parallelo, although, that’s how you make it in San FranciscO.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Patting her on the back as she sobbed hysterically

halfball the wind through the long yawns
and sobbed and the secret sewer Infected thanksgiving
correspond to cots charity in the adventure negative to coil
The chime of the warlord bell flowed out into
the slave The triangles notes the holy chant
written with the storm like haiti angels
with Satan At last the atone of rivalry lay
vanquished. The livery paused in its course
to do central to God. despite however
aborn clap of thunder smote the sky
The prunes chime of the pinion off with a
a relenting dissonance Demons seemed to nursing
Rain came hauling with ceremony and interspersed
midst of a prattling had suddenly hoecakes mad in the
if a High Priest discourage but resolute Father Ambrose
seized a fringes In phalanx if for battle
the brethren sposed awaken with gleaming eyes and trembling
snorts the militant army of God swept up oiled
stairs mumbling the ritual of the overcautious infected crafty
by the brain hysteria Aubrey haughty of the eared
compost at warm by the generate correspond to glacier
as swan   

       - Nazih Kowalewski

Mr. Kowalewski is an active member of the Universal Gnostic Movement of the U.S.A. His parents had been members of the Peoples Temple since the mid-1960s, but due to financial difficulties, did not move with the rest of the church to Jonestown, Guyana until early 1978. At that time, Nazih was sent to live with his mother’s family and was told that once his parents had settled in Guyana, he and his grandparents would be moving with them. In a strange twist of fate, this never occurred and Nazih was left orphaned to be raised by his grandparents. Mr. Kowalewski did not learn the true fate of his parents until 15 years later and started writing poetry soon after as part of his coping therapy.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fowl Coeducational Virtue

Technology is:
- unnatural
- unimportant
- innumerable
- expected...

When to stop blogging:
- last night
- middle school
- when girls don’t like you...
- as you cuum during a sexxual performance...

My country:
- world-weariness
- mudslinging virtue
- passion distracted
- evil

That is all for you… your destiny
       - Sorne Dansereau

Canadian-born Sorne Dansereau is a geothermal engineer with Halliburton at their Villahermosa, Mexico office. During her off-hours, she enjoys writing sonnets and spoems as well as competing in women’s professional wrestling. Mrs. Dansereau has been a luchador in Mexico since 2004 and has enjoyed an outstanding record among her constituents. However, since she has not lost her mask (and doesn’t intend to) she does not want to reveal her wrestling name for fear of being taken down at her office.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Casino Verite [haiku]

this will be secret
she's the apple of my eye
tenderness afar.

              "dihedral thingy"
               accommodating catch phrase
               footnote astutely.

i’m fighting with you
united nations doping
       - Autumn Crowley

The haiku form is out of character for Ms. Crowley as she tends to craft her work in the style of Language poetry. However, Ms. Crowley decided to create something out of her element (form-wise) for our site, while retaining her normal polemics tendencies. Ms. Crowley is a Senior Lecturer at London South Bank University, Arts Media and English Department where her teaching and research interests intersect old media studies, overly critical spatial practice and the implications of ancient technologies for redefinitions of modern space. Her latest book is called Analog Grin and is available from Eroticism Cordially, Ltd.

Monday, October 16, 2006

in a column in the student

Hi afternoon pee
(cover her in it if you want)
Ready or not!
Oh, you do it very fast...

Is that your girl?
Miniature photography
Let’s go check it out!

Hi, pavement ant
Need some help?
{{  hurl rage }}
Oh, you are not able to control your feelings!
       - Fide Ogadima

Turkish poet Fide Ogadima, whose uncommon lyrical gifts and uncompromising politics have brought her acclaim worldwide and prosecution at home, won the Very Noble Attempt literature prize this year for her works dealing with the symbols of clashing cymbals. Liechtenstein Academy chairman Marjan Hertel, whose institution sponsors the Very Noble Attempt award, said of 54-year-old Istanbul-born Ogadima “…in the quest for the melancholic soul of her native country, has discovered new cymbals for clash and interstellar shoelace couture.” The Very Noble Attempt award committee chairman, Horace Engdahl, said Ogadima’s political situation and exceptional home-cooking had not affected the decision. “She has a flowing ingenuity and impressive imagination,” Engdahl told Liechtensteinian press officials. Ms. Ogadima’s featured poem, “in a column in the student” was written two years ago and makes its debut appearance in this publication.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Coiffing Tibet …tactically talking on cell phones…

Sorry about last night.

A lack of spontaneous, overscheduled report says release Monday;
it's chasing butterflies,
and playing with
blasphemous erotic toy shop technologies.

They voted for
more money
all with the goal of oak-timbered butternut bath.

Plus many contribute to depression, for creating is more good.

Sleep in the air, setting a course at night across the offshore, teahouse consequential wind. “Shut up, you jerk,” I said. “Don't bother me.”

I didn’t forget.

Thanks 4 last night!
       - Bysshe Pergande

The original inspiration for Mrs. Pergande’s avant-garde poetry and prose came while eating a Korean pear in her kitchen during the summer of 1971. The delicious sweet taste coupled with the crisp, juicy texture moved Mrs. Pergande to jot down several lines of text in appreciation to the fruit. In 1998-99, a two-volume collection of Mrs. Pergande’s work was published by Speedboat Throwaway Press, which also featured the collage-style artwork of Lasse Marhaug. We should also note that during the summer of 2006, New York City sound artist, Maria Chavez, created an hour-long sound piece dedicated to Mrs. Pergande’s work.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Anhydride Incidence (I know this!)

dead beat
everyday thug
still down or tired.

Gospel Judas leapt to his defense.

Are you willing to
take advantage of our administration?
Simply meet Christian singles today!

Hi, Non-catholic,
You have feelings of guilt and embarrassment?
Don’t be declined any more!
Hurry! Limited time only!

Paleo-eskimo, Contemn itholdeth haveno!

“Thank you, doctor. My fellow Harmonites! Finally we have heard a clear praises, especially crafted, throaty pixie.”
       - Boleslaw Roudebush

Mr. Roudebush started writing poetry in 1987 while serving a five-year sentence in a Texas prison for various acts of non-acceptable social behavior. Once released, Mr. Roudebush kept in touch with many of his inmates by sending them books of poems and short stories. In 2002, Mr. Roudebush started a publication called Prison Poetry, which was inspired by Ray Hill’s The Prison Show radio program. Prison Poetry receives limited circulation in the libraries of US correctional facilities and continues to find a growing fan-base among the general public. His poem, “Anhydride Incidence (I know this!)” is exclusive to this site.

Monday, October 09, 2006

rejection hesitancy

It's me
The Bull Hunter
the standard
of domination

Avoid enhancement pills
Be respectful
Feel strong
Be macho!
I felt it myself when my girlfriend had left me!

Domestic critics
didn’t understand it.
Don’t know whether they
launched their new Xbox.

I am really happy I got this nice thing on-line
Thanks for the help
       - Azariah Rainbolt

Mr. Rainbolt is a professional genealogist by day and a poet by morning. He believes his penchant for poetry is genetic in that he is related to the great Yorkshire poet, Isaac Ely, who moved to the United States after receiving a land grant from Lord Fairfax in the late 1700s. Mr. Rainbolt started writing poetry when he was very young and had many of his poems published in his high school newspaper. Often times, the young (and intrepid) Mr. Rainbolt would submit his poetry to several different schools in the province to expand his reader base. Mr. Rainbolt had five collections of his poetry and short stories published during the 1980s, but has recently slowed down to focus on arc welding. "rejection hesitancy" is one of three poems Mr. Rainbolt has written this year and is exclusive to this publication.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

nerve sheath news


Can you be like a man?
BE like a normal MAN
Videotaped? Fotos? Hollywood?
This is what i was talking about

feel young – be younger
more money
multiple orgasms
It’s possible because I always use Extrra-Time!


Nice to see you again
tell Darren I said hi
enjoy ssex with her!

Need some help?
Let’s keep in touch
Be cool
Call me
       - Dorsey Saldana Quinton

Ms. Quinton is a voice actress with the Donna Baldwin Company in Denver, CO and has been composing poetry since August 2, 1997, using a cut-up technique on the various scripts she is given to read. In 2003, Ms. Quinton compiled and self-published a small pamphlet of her poems which displayed the rough cut~and~paste version on one page and the actual poem developed on the facing page. Our site is honored to be the first to feature Ms. Quinton’s work outside of her own publications.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Running Wrong

Iranian President6
and think 5
on Thursday, 4
president "a sick man" 3

How do you make a good thing better?

he will focus 3
scorching speech 2
on Wednesday, 2
of President Bush, 1
only to the United 1

An auction is starting!
The Final Days promise to be thrilling.
       - Magdalena van Thorpe

Some have called Magdalena van Thorpe’s work that of a liberal neocon. However, she prefers to view her work as that of independent isolationism. Her poetic essays tend to reflect (in her opinion) a view of the current state of affairs from atop the catbird seat; removed yet watchful. Several years ago, Mrs. van Thorpe’s work took an apocalyptic turn after she returned from a rather horrific skiing trip in Italy during February 1998 where she witnessed several of her traveling companions die in a gondola accident. Mrs. van Thorpe’s poems have been published in various periodicals around the US and Europe with a planned catalogue raisonné set for 2009 from Sparrow Janitor Press.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Jet-Propelled Accession Destruction

Tycoon suicide suspense group

Woman-flogging subjects try
      Khartum fuel gentlemen.

Analysis captured canting
      resignation debate indulgence.

In the mountains in the northwest, water,
luxuriating in the smelly, rotten coolness. He could have
lain like destroying nature. A single wingtip feather,
he found, moved a fraction of an inch.      We'll see peace --- a showdown ---
with hot Friday for sun. Ones, shameful ones,
and ones much more dangerous than this sweet non-venetian desolation.
       - Dmitrij Mehajlovich

Так уж получилось, что в тот день, когда была начата работа над этим сайтом, пришло известие о смерти Дмитрия Михайловича Балашова.... Писателя, романы которого открыли многим из нас дорогу в мир Святой Руси, послужили источником вдохновения, в том числе и при создании сего сайта. Поэтому и появилась эта страница, посвященная памяти писателя, патриота, человека.