Thursday, October 19, 2006

Fowl Coeducational Virtue

Technology is:
- unnatural
- unimportant
- innumerable
- expected...

When to stop blogging:
- last night
- middle school
- when girls don’t like you...
- as you cuum during a sexxual performance...

My country:
- world-weariness
- mudslinging virtue
- passion distracted
- evil

That is all for you… your destiny
       - Sorne Dansereau

Canadian-born Sorne Dansereau is a geothermal engineer with Halliburton at their Villahermosa, Mexico office. During her off-hours, she enjoys writing sonnets and spoems as well as competing in women’s professional wrestling. Mrs. Dansereau has been a luchador in Mexico since 2004 and has enjoyed an outstanding record among her constituents. However, since she has not lost her mask (and doesn’t intend to) she does not want to reveal her wrestling name for fear of being taken down at her office.


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