Monday, October 09, 2006

rejection hesitancy

It's me
The Bull Hunter
the standard
of domination

Avoid enhancement pills
Be respectful
Feel strong
Be macho!
I felt it myself when my girlfriend had left me!

Domestic critics
didn’t understand it.
Don’t know whether they
launched their new Xbox.

I am really happy I got this nice thing on-line
Thanks for the help
       - Azariah Rainbolt

Mr. Rainbolt is a professional genealogist by day and a poet by morning. He believes his penchant for poetry is genetic in that he is related to the great Yorkshire poet, Isaac Ely, who moved to the United States after receiving a land grant from Lord Fairfax in the late 1700s. Mr. Rainbolt started writing poetry when he was very young and had many of his poems published in his high school newspaper. Often times, the young (and intrepid) Mr. Rainbolt would submit his poetry to several different schools in the province to expand his reader base. Mr. Rainbolt had five collections of his poetry and short stories published during the 1980s, but has recently slowed down to focus on arc welding. "rejection hesitancy" is one of three poems Mr. Rainbolt has written this year and is exclusive to this publication.


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