Thursday, September 21, 2006

Widow-Wail Family Life

Good news cool
Good news flat
Good news dother
Hot monday father

Good news for granny
Good news for god
Hot monday for family
Hot monday trust

Good news high
Good news mother
Better future, whisky cherry
Hot monday cool
       - Ingemar Binger

Mr. Binger was born in Sweden during one of the worst snow storms of 1971 in his family’s hometown of Malmö. He was raised by his father (an architect for Øresundskonsortiet) but never knew his birth mother as (it was said) she became mentally unstable and depressed soon after Ingemar's birth and committed suicide. However, Mr. Binger’s father was something of a playboy and always had a stockade of beautiful women to call upon. After serving his tour of duty for mandatory military service in Sweden, Mr. Binger played bass with a death metal group called We Are All Going To Die. They released a 7” record and numerous cassettes, but the band could not hold a steady line-up together long enough to play with any consistency. Mr. Binger currently works as an apprentice architect alongside his father and tends to hide bits of his poetry in the blueprints of his drawings (a lá Albert Hirschfeld).


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