Monday, August 28, 2006

forgiver dead: all such in me [tanka haiku]

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You won't believe what I found:
Hacker witchdoctress,
moon-stricken [and] non-gothic.
What will make her go sexy?

Your gold & diamonds
products that improve her life
she will love you more
she'll be going ooh-la-la!
Don’t make her wait. Get it now!
       - Norbert Chung

Mr. Chung and his parents were born and lived in Hong Kong but left the area a year before the end of the British colonization period. Mr. Chung currently lives in the United States and is a computer scientist at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in New York. Research interests include application-specific architectures, tools and programming models for parallel universes, Asian-oriented software development, sources and transmission of kim chi, and software as art. Mr. Chung also serves as a consultant for the ODIN innovation management micropractice with an emphasis on best practices for war, fury and absolute destruction technology transfer. In his spare time, Mr. Chung enjoys crafting tanka style poetry and often finds his work published in the company newsletter. Our site is one of the very few outlets (outside of IBM’s employee newsletters) where Mr. Chung’s work is featured.


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