Monday, July 31, 2006

Sinus Laxative

... obtain a university degree
... your university degree
... real degrees, not fake ones, in one day.

Cognizant armada
... night-cradled
... under the wire
... separate from other men.

BEWARE: The fashion of newest creation verses the further is ejaculation.

Again… to your health, mint julep.
       - Desmond Tuttle

The whimsical style of Mr. Tuttle’s poetry has attracted an equal amount of praise and criticism. While his supporters find Mr. Tuttle’s work a literary flight of fancy, his detractors criticize the covert political message that runs deep in his verse. Nonetheless, Mr. Tuttle has seen several volumes of his work published in both solo form (via Goo and Plaay It Press) as well as part of a collection, the latest being Superhighway Typefaces, Selected Works from Cyperpoets & Network Junkies. Our publication is honored to feature "Sinus Laxative", an exclusive poem from Mr. Tuttle's oeuvre.