Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stethoscope Stallion [haiku]

Santa Claus catholic
  Looking for medications
Your stocking stuffer

Penis Enlarge Patch
  Improves love making magic
Future whizzing stick

What? Girls don’t like you?
  You have mail from Elena!
Why are you waiting?

She wants better sex
  36 hours of love
The ground is shakin!!!
       - Ealasaid Nakayama

Mr. Nakayama’s father served in the Japanese military under Emperor Hirohito and was stationed at the Tokushima Prefecture in Japan for many decades before and after World War II. Mr. Nakayama's mother fled to Japan from Pakistan during the First Kashmir War (1948). The details about how they met remains a mystery to Mr. Nakayama, but he’s happy none-the-less. The entire family moved to Canada 1987, but Mr. Nakayama decided to return to the Tokushima Prefecture in 2005 where he continues to practice his painting and haiku. His featured haiku, “Stethoscope Stallion”, was first published in 2002 by an obscure Quebecois poetry magazine that catered to foreign nationals living in Canada.


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