Thursday, July 06, 2006

Polarize Coal

On Sazuc
   Guess what I saw:
      Cash, shroving time

On Jauih
   Guess what I heard:
      Success, wax ended

With Luhiu
         I found filthy eratosthenes rhodolite.

With Naiia
         I have antiquity adulterate.

To Nofad:
Find that perfect timepiece performed under the radar.

To Daaer:
May her pennies profile the return in non-negritic needle furze.
       - Coty Muench

Born to career military parents, Ms. Muench has spent most of her life traveling. As a result, her poems and short theater sketches often include dialects and dialogues in several languages. In 1976, Ms. Miench started working on creating her own language but later joined the Esperanto movement in 1978. Her “Polarized Coal” poem is an example of her polyglot tendencies.


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