Friday, June 30, 2006

Now What?

My friend, you are in trouble
I don't think you know about this
We have bad news for you
Your credit card was removed
Your account has been limited
You have feelings of guilt and embarrassment
Your VISA is fraudulent and it will be suspended
Your order status: passion wasted
       - Grover Ramos

When Mr. Ramos was five, his family packed everything they could carry and walked, rode buses and crawled their way from Columbia to cross over into the United States. They constantly crisscrossed the country seeking work on various farms and small factories, which has left Mr. Ramos to believe that he has seen and learned more about the United States than many natural born US citizens. His poem “Now What?” is characteristic of his work which tends to reflect on the cross modern dilemmas of the hyphenated American.


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