Monday, July 24, 2006

Yao Yin Forest

Hello, wood terrapin
You have feelings of guilt and embarrassment?
  Don’t worry
poor have right to be happy.

How are you, wood frog?
Tired of that jerk you call a boss?
Maybe you are a diamond in the rough.

Hi, well-intentioned otter shrew,
Looking for perfect sex?
  The watch you’ve always wanted?
Take a look and see!

Hey, human
We give you what you need:
  well-emphasized system upgrade.
You’ll be surprised!
       - Hortense “Hotdog Wont” Jamison

Mr. Jamison (known to his friends and co-workers as “Hotdog Wont”) has lived most of his life in Minnesota working for various medical device manufacturing companies and blames the tedium of these jobs on his obsessive compulsive disorder for hot dogs... hence his nickname. But he also uses this time to focus on his poetry which (according to Mr. Jamison) is told to him during the brief moments where he is just about to fall asleep at work. It’s during this brief lapse that Mr. Jamison claims to hear voices speaking poetry to him. Mr. Jamison keeps a notebook with him at all times so he can write these messages down and has since become paranoid that the FBI is seeking to steal his notebook in order to find coded messages about clinical drug trials. Otherwise, Mr. Jamison has seen several of his poems published in various art and literature magazines around the Northeastern United States and Canada.


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