Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Poetically Brainstorm

Try and miss this......................

Why be an average guy any longer
Separate yourself from other men
Be special with a special size

Now you can get the momentum ~ unbelievable big boom power in bed
Be strong and passionate ~ reach your asshole with your dick

Special invitation to join our circle of women
Trust me - it will be a great surprise for your girl
Believe me - there will be a big buzz about it very soon

Get it straight......................
       - Hobbies M. Jamal

Mr. Jamal brings a refreshingly gritty style of poetry to the literary world. Growing up the youngest of six children, Hobbies became interested in literature after being kicked off the basketball team in high school for missing too many practices. Mr. Jamal later admitted that he felt social pressure to play basketball, but never really had an interest in the sport. Hobbies inherited many of his treasured books, especially the works of Walter Mosley, from his eldest brother, who had been accidentally murdered as a by-stander to gang violence. Mr. Jamal has dedicated all of his writings to his eldest brother, including Hobbies’ first published collection Assassinate Bolshoi from Juicy Oregold Peaches Press.


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