Friday, August 11, 2006

Last Call For Our Huge, Sweet Cherries

Hi my dear stranger,

Read this before Monday.
(you better read this, or you'll kick yourself)

Can’t be a lover anymore?
  Get out of the obese crowd, oil cake.

Want to be a hero in bed?
  End the annoying obesity now, well-sized future.

Harder Quicker and Longer Healthy life is your dream?
  Check out the wonders of pound melting, orchard heater.

What’s your opinion?

Oh, you are not able to control your feelings!
   (And it’s not strange – you cuum very fast!)
But now you can penetrate hardly and give the pleasure to every woman!

Ironing board?
Refreshed by the Presence of The Lord?
Thank you for choosing easy speedy vast diocese!

Sweet occulting light

Your well-affectioned beaker repentant nail maker,
` Khashab

       - Androcles Bergstrom

In 1999, Mr. Bergstrom had written a poetic essay for publishing consideration to the Dutch magazine, Vjijagra Rexplica. The piece was rejected for being (quote) too abstract and not pertinent to any articles or poems of recent publication (unquote). This inspired a series of creative letter writing from Mr. Bergstrom to other arts-focused publications, but this time under the nom de plume, Khashab. These letters were collected and studied in 2002 by Phi Kappa Phi’s Forum Magazine as an example of poetry terrorism. In 2003, Mr. Bergstrom was invited to speak at a poetry symposium that was to be held at the White House on February 12th. The symposium1, “Poetry Will Kick Your Fascist War-Mongering Ass and After That, the Poets Themselves Are Gunna Kick Your Ass, Literally, You Fucking Criminal,” was eventually postponed but, the recognition was enough to earn Mr. Bergstrom several book offers… none of which he has accepted as of this publication date. The poem featured is exclusive to this web site.