Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Comprehend Infinite Moon Blindness

Elite handbag replicas
ricochet molasses
from stealthy blackberry typo.

Overdue notice warning on
wood scale organ building
increased stamina!

dietitian sculpture
will be forced to suspend your account!

Morning-glory family
(brand new, every man wants it)
revel in this private noble-featured
“Roosevelt select” bestseller action.

Symbian primates studied
unsafe coaster buoyancy.

What's in your collection?
       - Ethelinda Burk

Few poets are as obsessive-compulsive as Ms. Burk. True, many poets work long and hard to find the right combination of words and phrases to complete a thought or create an image however, Ms. Burk’s passion and zeal for wordsmith has thrice landed her in local medical clinics for intensive migraines and various physical ailments associated with stress. Thus, her collected work is quite sparse. Nonetheless, it’s not quantity, but quality that drives the fans of Ethelinda Burk’s work into frenzy when a new piece is published. Several small press publishers have approached Ms. Burk in an effort to collect (and probably cash-in on) her work, but she remains indecisive and uncommitted to the idea. Our publication is extremely fortunate to have “Comprehend Infinite Moon Blindness” as an exclusive poem from Ms. Burk which, as we are told, took no less than two years to complete.


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