Friday, August 25, 2006

Sleigh Royal (part one)

He laughed a happy laugh, crouched down, and beat both fists as hard as he heard the familiar rumble from both sides. There was nothing on the left, Lord God himself, and then two stalkers were killed within a few days, are, in comparison, unleavened, no matter how deeply he plunges into the something... it would hurt.

But what do I care? In the end, they'll following his instinct -- backward, the very direction they couldn't take. Think upside down, reversing the curve of his wing, and reversing it.

Conclusion instructor, "You couldn't leave!"

That bright creature said to him, and the voice was strong and light and quick in the air, but far and away more important.
       - Stefanie Goldstein

It’s not common for this site to feature more than one work from each poet, but it’s also not common to receive an amazing three-part poem from one of the worlds most respected and recognized spam poets, Stefanie Goldstein. Ms. Goldstein first grew into prominence in 1999 via a series of critical poems published in the British edition of Vogue aimed at the United States, her most famous being “Stop Being Obese and Unhappy”. She continued her tirade against the United States as well as her native Israel for several years and has seen many of her books (as well as anthologies containing her work) banned by several countries. In 2005, Ms. Goldstein inexplicably changed her style to a more abstract and conversational tone; one that shied away from direct political and national confrontation and, instead, embraced what she self-mockingly refers to as "walking through a crowded train station and remembering only the fragments of conversations". Continued in next post…


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