Thursday, September 14, 2006

If Penises Could Talk On Masculinity And Man Power

Do you want to earn money?
Do you like to play video games?
Do you suffer from mood swings?
Do you want to hear you rock in bed?
Do you wish to become multi-orgasmic?
Do you want something useful in your life?
Do you have the experience but not the Degree?
Do you want erectile dysfunction to die forever in your life?


The problem of penis underdevelopment affects more than 95% men. Since the ancient times men were trying to enlarge their dicks. If you want to change your size, we can give you best advice: blow-job enlarges your penis.

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       - Imamu Marmolejo

Mr. Marmolejo is co-founder and director of Zanzadu African Music and Dance Company and sub-director of the Cal Arts African Music and Dance Ensemble where he also teaches West African music and dance to people who can not find the continent of Africa on a globe even if it was two inches away from their stupid collective noses. He comes from a family of composers and dancers who have served dozens of gods for many generations as lead drummers and composers among the Anlo-Ewe people of southeastern Ghana. In recent years, Mr. Marmolejo and other members of his family have become much in demand as poets, lecturers and performers in Europe, Australia, and the United States. In California, Mr. Marmolejo and his brothers are well known for their annual production of The Cannabis Sativa is Coming, a poetic music and dance concert presenting groups representing several presentations of representations that represent the present.


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