Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Fifth Third Bank (an ode)

express cash credit / home credit
easy new home credit
we can credit you by cashe
lowest credit rate - ask us for credit you

loan request
error in your billing information
payee fault
find solution dispute

forget the horseshoe or the clover leafs
your cash, monilia disease
your cash, nine-syllabled
your money, mithridate mustard

:did A1VIN advise G1ENN?
:in GREG0RY her news re1ease pr0fi1ed A1FRED0

:did TIM0THY examine her investment?
:may NEI1 see her d011ar

:wi11 the investment s st0ck ana1yze 1E0N?
:Your future begins with this call 340900098
       - Guy Crum

Mr. Crum was born in Madison, WI, but only lived there for the first six months of his life. His parents had taken the summer off and were visiting several specialty cheese bakeries when his mother unexpectedly went into labor during their tour. As luck would have it, Mr. Crum’s grandparents lived just outside of Madison, so his mother stayed behind (with Baby Crum) while his father went back to their home in Elk Grove, CA. Soon after Guy and his mother returned to California, the family started their own specialty cheese bakery, which continues to this day. Mr. Crum however has taken a decidedly different path in life and works as an auditory supervisor at Skywalker Sound in Marin County, CA. Mr. Crum is active in composing ambient sound recordings and writing poetry for various arts magazines around Northern California. Otherwise, his poetic and musical works are normally self-published.


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