Friday, September 08, 2006

Impropriety Disconcerting

Every day you loose the sensations of seex!
You cumm right after penetration!
(Damn, you can not stop premature ejjacullation!)
It’s a pity, because you could do it with her much longer!

Renew your health and mental state now
Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul at once
Give your muscles and your soul a boost

Your energy level can be a lot higher
Forget the worn-out feeling you had lately
You'll get up with newfound enthusiasm

A way to make the most of your body
Re-energize your body
Discover the real energy of your body
Feel the same as in your 20s

One simple method to live the live of youth
Recall the bubbling energy you had in youth
Don't think the feeling of youth is gone!
Don't think youth can't be returned!

Frenchy's Chicken!! King Special Only $4.89
Your lucky day?
       - Lakshmi Manzanares

An active member of the reformed Zoroastrian movement, Mrs. Manzanares has spent the past two decades writing articles and poetry for Parsiana Magazine. Much of her work (both journalistic and poetic) focuses on the life and times of modern day Zoroastrian & Parsees in India, Iran and North America. Her featured poem, “Impropriety Disconcerting” (exclusive to this site) is an excellent example of her ability to condense the questions and conflicts faced by modern Zoroastrians into an intricate collection of prose.


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