Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Running Wrong

Iranian President6
and think 5
on Thursday, 4
president "a sick man" 3

How do you make a good thing better?

he will focus 3
scorching speech 2
on Wednesday, 2
of President Bush, 1
only to the United 1

An auction is starting!
The Final Days promise to be thrilling.
       - Magdalena van Thorpe

Some have called Magdalena van Thorpe’s work that of a liberal neocon. However, she prefers to view her work as that of independent isolationism. Her poetic essays tend to reflect (in her opinion) a view of the current state of affairs from atop the catbird seat; removed yet watchful. Several years ago, Mrs. van Thorpe’s work took an apocalyptic turn after she returned from a rather horrific skiing trip in Italy during February 1998 where she witnessed several of her traveling companions die in a gondola accident. Mrs. van Thorpe’s poems have been published in various periodicals around the US and Europe with a planned catalogue raisonné set for 2009 from Sparrow Janitor Press.


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