Wednesday, October 04, 2006

nerve sheath news


Can you be like a man?
BE like a normal MAN
Videotaped? Fotos? Hollywood?
This is what i was talking about

feel young – be younger
more money
multiple orgasms
It’s possible because I always use Extrra-Time!


Nice to see you again
tell Darren I said hi
enjoy ssex with her!

Need some help?
Let’s keep in touch
Be cool
Call me
       - Dorsey Saldana Quinton

Ms. Quinton is a voice actress with the Donna Baldwin Company in Denver, CO and has been composing poetry since August 2, 1997, using a cut-up technique on the various scripts she is given to read. In 2003, Ms. Quinton compiled and self-published a small pamphlet of her poems which displayed the rough cut~and~paste version on one page and the actual poem developed on the facing page. Our site is honored to be the first to feature Ms. Quinton’s work outside of her own publications.


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