Thursday, October 12, 2006

Coiffing Tibet …tactically talking on cell phones…

Sorry about last night.

A lack of spontaneous, overscheduled report says release Monday;
it's chasing butterflies,
and playing with
blasphemous erotic toy shop technologies.

They voted for
more money
all with the goal of oak-timbered butternut bath.

Plus many contribute to depression, for creating is more good.

Sleep in the air, setting a course at night across the offshore, teahouse consequential wind. “Shut up, you jerk,” I said. “Don't bother me.”

I didn’t forget.

Thanks 4 last night!
       - Bysshe Pergande

The original inspiration for Mrs. Pergande’s avant-garde poetry and prose came while eating a Korean pear in her kitchen during the summer of 1971. The delicious sweet taste coupled with the crisp, juicy texture moved Mrs. Pergande to jot down several lines of text in appreciation to the fruit. In 1998-99, a two-volume collection of Mrs. Pergande’s work was published by Speedboat Throwaway Press, which also featured the collage-style artwork of Lasse Marhaug. We should also note that during the summer of 2006, New York City sound artist, Maria Chavez, created an hour-long sound piece dedicated to Mrs. Pergande’s work.


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