Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Anhydride Incidence (I know this!)

dead beat
everyday thug
still down or tired.

Gospel Judas leapt to his defense.

Are you willing to
take advantage of our administration?
Simply meet Christian singles today!

Hi, Non-catholic,
You have feelings of guilt and embarrassment?
Don’t be declined any more!
Hurry! Limited time only!

Paleo-eskimo, Contemn itholdeth haveno!

“Thank you, doctor. My fellow Harmonites! Finally we have heard a clear praises, especially crafted, throaty pixie.”
       - Boleslaw Roudebush

Mr. Roudebush started writing poetry in 1987 while serving a five-year sentence in a Texas prison for various acts of non-acceptable social behavior. Once released, Mr. Roudebush kept in touch with many of his inmates by sending them books of poems and short stories. In 2002, Mr. Roudebush started a publication called Prison Poetry, which was inspired by Ray Hill’s The Prison Show radio program. Prison Poetry receives limited circulation in the libraries of US correctional facilities and continues to find a growing fan-base among the general public. His poem, “Anhydride Incidence (I know this!)” is exclusive to this site.


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