Monday, October 16, 2006

in a column in the student

Hi afternoon pee
(cover her in it if you want)
Ready or not!
Oh, you do it very fast...

Is that your girl?
Miniature photography
Let’s go check it out!

Hi, pavement ant
Need some help?
{{  hurl rage }}
Oh, you are not able to control your feelings!
       - Fide Ogadima

Turkish poet Fide Ogadima, whose uncommon lyrical gifts and uncompromising politics have brought her acclaim worldwide and prosecution at home, won the Very Noble Attempt literature prize this year for her works dealing with the symbols of clashing cymbals. Liechtenstein Academy chairman Marjan Hertel, whose institution sponsors the Very Noble Attempt award, said of 54-year-old Istanbul-born Ogadima “…in the quest for the melancholic soul of her native country, has discovered new cymbals for clash and interstellar shoelace couture.” The Very Noble Attempt award committee chairman, Horace Engdahl, said Ogadima’s political situation and exceptional home-cooking had not affected the decision. “She has a flowing ingenuity and impressive imagination,” Engdahl told Liechtensteinian press officials. Ms. Ogadima’s featured poem, “in a column in the student” was written two years ago and makes its debut appearance in this publication.


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