Thursday, July 05, 2007

With the rude multitude till I return

A little secret to make you private life more interesting!

As fast as 30 minutes, they were married an hour late. As your friendly chestnut bed squeaked from their orgasmotron, she lied… unpaid, despondent… pressing herein then menlo. She smiled with pleasure nonchalantly.

“As it happens, it’s a very nice butt.”

Their clothes were discarded as destitute mine cadmium fritter sheepskin gemma. He was too busy reacting to trichloroacetic and scurvy Girl Scout orange juice.

“It’s my seduction, not yours.” He shook his head. He found his first smile. Can it be I found the jackpot:
Good day, gentleman

Today everything is not so as always. Today my eyes are full of tears and my soul is ill. Today I have understood how alone I am.

Woman...There are so many qualities consist in this word! What the real woman has to be? I think she has to be loving, affectionate, tender, careful, sensible. The woman can't be the real woman without these qualities. I can tell that I am the woman, the real woman.

But I have nobody to present my love, affectionate and tenderness. I have nobody to take care of. I have nobody to be sensible with.

I can't realize myself like the woman without you. Only you can help me to become the real woman!
“You mean she promised them my unbeatable church sewn delicatessen?”

Franklin must have overheard. A term like "The eve of Chechen Tragedy" would be more adequate. Caroline shook her head.
       - Winter Holtsclaw

Winter Holtsclaw (April 1657 – April 1739) sometimes also written Wintær Höltzclaw or Vvenzar Whoreslaw, but also written as Vlamner Hertsclëw, Minty Horsebladder, Klimner Tsortzflaw, or sometimes noted as Wertner Jurstlew, Pfintar Coleslaw, Cavendiçh Holespaw, as well as one particular case where it was written Mlinzer Ortzgaw but not limited to other references where it is written Wilhelmter Yutesaah, Wintoor Hatsmaw, Greg the Alpine Treehugger, or Svinter Hootssmaawlter which is similar to Finnish archival documents noting Weentaar Hoolttscleer, Wienczar Hoolzztaar (Gezhundheit), or Vlinter Poltzquar while occasionally referenced in Spain as Mastiff Dungcatcher. His parents fled Moscow during the Salt Riot, also known as the Moscow Uprising of 1648, the Proletariat Saline Complex of 1648, the White City’s Sodium Chloride Revolt, the Muscovy Revenge on Lot’s Wife, the Fleur de sel Kremlin Rebellion, the 1648 Insurrection against Darth Salarium, or the Annual Unrest of the Moskva River Peasants (1648 edition). Today’s entry is from a collection of vignettes published in 1723 showcasing the poets late period of creativity. A majority of Mr. Holtsclaw’s writings are kept in the poetry archive of the Russian State Library, another portion at the Russian National Library's Poet’s Room, and a sampling of original material is kept on permanent display at Mount Marty College in Yankton, South Dakota.

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