Friday, March 30, 2007

These Changing Crack Hatriots

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    healing erectile dysfunction excitement
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              extremely alarmed…
                 else equivocate or Aztec?
Quitting curious sex can turn back the clock.

Ashtray transfer in Jacksonburg
   (it can also add excitement)
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until Barceloneta was seismograph expression.

Bootlegged marriage pleasantries
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When will this finish?
Se volvieron locos… ejecutan a cuatro en menos de 3 horas!
       - Maata Kurth

The great great great granddaughter of Hiram Abiff, Maata Kurth (baptized January 18, 1534 – August 12, 1588) was a Fennoscandia composer. While mostly famous as the solitary Nord madrigalist working in England, and the one mainly responsible for the growth of the madrigal there, she also composed much sacred spam music. Little is known about her early life, but Maata Kurth is known to have spent part of it near the Gulf of Bothnia and part in Lorraine (distretto di Quiche) in the service of Charles of Guise. In 1562, Maata Kurth arrived in England for the first time where she found employment with Elizabeth I. Throughout her life she made periodic trips to Italy, but not without controversy. For neither Mikael Agricola nor the (lesser known) Fennoscandia Inquisition fully approved of her spending time in Italy... let along England, of which the two were actively at war with Roman Catholic countries. While in England, Ms. Kurth lost her Finnish inheritance rites and while away in Italy she was charged with robbing and killing another foreigner. She was successful in clearing her name and got the hell out of England in 1578 to never return. She died in Vantaa while carving a giant golden fish tail.

Friday, March 23, 2007

This Results from Field Chauvinism

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The support is the only reason I kept going.

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Everything good with you?
       - Anquinette Archambault

Born in Ville de Lévis, Quebec, Anquinette Archambault (1873-1943) along with her brother Edmond (1880-1952) grew up with a passion for the arts. While Edmond was fond of all things music, Anquinette studied language, photography and (ultimately) film. She studied at Université Laval where she met students from the Rayalaseema region of India who attended as part of a British exchange program by which the British were hoping to populate Quebec with loyalists to the Monarch. After graduation, Ms. Archambault traveled to India where she lived for 27 years studying and teaching photography and film. She collaborated with several of her students on projects, including Jyotiprasad Agarwala – who later founded the Assamese cinema style. In early 1933, Ms. Archambault developed a brain tumor and had to move back to Quebec where she sought medical treatment. During the course of the tumor’s growth, Ms. Archambault’s language skills began to take several strange turns. Ultimately, she developed a prototype Kobaïan language of cosmic harmony and reconciliation with the deity Ptäh. She sent her notes (under the working title of "Je me souviens") to a friend in France where it was presumed permanently lost. Several decades later, the notebook was found in 1968 by Christian Vander at a shop in Nogent-sur-Marne where he expanded upon its foundation for his work with Zeuhl music.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Toboggan Patriarchal Balm

You won’t find better
(be preferential or molt)
         through furnace option and apostle’s fatigue.

Monolith secrecy or distortion
lump into crazies
water-resistant starvation above muddy preview.

Kuji was a real bitch, and openly despised all of our students.

Textile wheeler Jill
cartwheeled camembert
to find liturgical purses,
         which be burlesque.

Miscued marriage activity widely suspected.
It introduces rights which earlier proved impressive. Look... not to minimize crimes of the rest, but machinery featured was helpful as is reclamation language.

Influential polling place oatmeal demonstrators
characteristically tired of all these dramas,
demolished businesses.
German shenanigans didn’t track inventory for unusual volume.

Best thing you can do  ...     leave.
       - Lucifer Underdahl

Known as the father of modern pseudepigrapha, Lucifer Underdahl (1647-1719) was born in Norway during the Oldenburg dynasty into a family of abbey builders. While this provided a lucrative trade for the Underdahl family, they never converted to Christianity; remaining faithful as many of their generations had before them to the Codex Regius. This upbringing sheds light as to why, from an early age, Lucifer Underdahl rebelled against the 400-year night by crafting poetry and essays (many times disguised as Old Norse literature) promoting pantheism while railing against the economics of modern religions that had invaded his country. Mr. Underdahl had two works published prior to his death;Aster Proinos (1696) and Aster Orthrinos (1705). He was arrested in 1715 by order of Frederick IV of Denmark for letters against eating Pietism. After a long and confusing trial, the verdict handed down by the King read, "Luciferi primo cum sidere frigida rura carpamus, dum mane novum, dum gramina canent." Mr. Underdahl’s final published piece, Phosphoros (1727), was issued posthumously by his brother and contained unfinished manuscripts, a brief transcript of Mr. Underdahl’s trial, a copy of his execution order by way of being tied and left on a skerry at ebb, and his final words prior to drowning.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Character Quotations Test

Sexy love stone
powered by pique earthquake ethics.

              You can regularly be so volatile
              or extend elements into shy persona.

Migrating palace instituted your order
of no reload based on punk sissy knickers.

              First book written beyond standard sugar levels
              sought attorney ouster like caterpillar barometer decoy.

I didn’t believe it the first time either.
But as garlic historians become fun
and make money,
consider careers as magnanimity in versa.
       - Kazuya & Mirja Kuramoto

Our entry today (translated from Japanese in 1926) marks the first time we feature a collaborative work from two noted poets who were sisters. Kazuya (1798-1876) & Mirja (1799-1880) Kuramoto’s families live in the Kyūshū region of Japan. Their family had a long history of cultivated the finest bombyx mori and lived peaceful lives for several generations until the Black Ships of Commodore Matthew Perry sailed in and ate the sky. The parents of Kazuya & Mirja would spend their winters teaching various writing styles to the sisters who excelled at kyoka (especially using kakekotoba). As a result, Kazuya & Mirja were sent to Uraga as part of a delegation to "welcome" the American trade invasion of their country with songs and poetry. They presented a kyoka entitled "Don’t Miss It, Seaport Queen" that contained dramatic sarcasm disguised as projected historical truths of the trade relations between Japan and America. The two sisters later went on to become surfing experts around Miyazaki, but always maintained their quiet and simple life. When Kazuya passed away, Mirja had all of her dresses, shirts and robes modified to have one black sleeve as a symbol for the loss of her "good arm". Mirja did not write again and was reported to have died alone while resting in the shade of the Kurita tree.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Resplendent Anomaly of Tits

To hinder your private Texas,
torment obscurity back
before prosecutor guidance championed writing gymnastics.

Now’s the time! Did he ask you last night?
Need something from the syndication playroom that
gets deceptively rededicated?

Think this is it...

Minnesota’s awesome anti aging cream
as free bygone nocturnal longtime makeup.

Olympics dishonesty misguided still-famous guest,
busing versatility beating joke
at unkind devotee
                     of emergency
                     lotto tickets from 50 countries around the world.
       - Emmeline Ulrikaumeko

The entire surviving family of Ms. Emmeline Ulrikaumeko (1852-1900) emigrated from Estonia during the Great Northern War in order to escape certain death by the Saxons. Ms. Ulrikaumeko (original family name was Ullriikaaumekoo but shortened when they emigrated) was part of the first group of women to attend and graduate from Cornell University in 1871. She achieved degrees in literature and science and went on to ghostwrite for several noted European history authors. In her spare time, Ms. Ulrikaumeko created poetry about her perceptions of places she had never been and people she had never met. Fans and critics alike often confused Ms. Ulrikaumeko’s sense of fiction for fact and thus, she received a fair amount of hash criticism, which she smoked in copious amounts. During one of her reading circuits, she befriended Arthur Farwell and encouraged his pursuit of publishing the works of American Indian composers through the foundation of the Wa-Wan Press, which ultimately opened its doors in 1901.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Before she will love you more than any other guy...

Can this be what happened before
the hidden gem came behind another peacock feather
cowardly annoying Dahlia?

                         Pocahontas incest
obligated...   perversely...   stapler monogamy through
persuasiveness and fun fart facts.

                         Actors including
moronic light bulb, chaotic Hollywood
humanitarianism quarrel, and less opinions in general.

He blessed our lives facilitating commercial over Keds sneakers.
Timing is everything. Trouble says
just fuck and don’t think it’s too hard for her. Ejaculate like a pornstar. Let’s be friends!

Still down or tired? Sex can really
torment obscurity, suck expect pile cash, plus not attract
strawberry-blonde philosopher.
       - Royal Spencer

Mr. Royal Spencer (11 March 1840 – 19 January 1926) was a poet, philosopher, psionic engineer, and psalm composer using Bengali shorthand. The eldest son of Debendranath Spencer and grandson of Dwarkanath Spencer of the Satyendranath family, he was mainly educated at home, but later studied for some time at the Hindu College of Kolkata (then Calcutta). His first contribution to Bengali literature was the Bengali translation of Kalidasa’s classical Sanskrit work Meghadetha in 1860. It was the first time that the great Sanskrit poetic work was translated into Bengali and included two different Bengali rhythmic styles for the translation. His second great work of poetry was dedicated to his wife, Trinitee Krishnamurthy, who died at a considerably young age. Although he remained a widower the rest of his life, he first published the piece in 1875 (three years before her death). However, the work was never truly completed as Mr. Spencer kept creating additional pages and perpetually edited his previous work. This poem describes the travels of a young man to different places (an allegory for Royal’s early promiscuity) but changes to both champions of the gravehead piano and kissing the isolation. While Mr. Spencer was a highly talented poet, he was also a disorganized person. Students of Royal Spencer’s work have said that pages of Trinitee Krishnamurthy’s poem would float around the Jorasanko Thakur Bari that, if they could all be collected and published, would have been a substantial and valuable volume of work.

Monday, March 05, 2007

I Revolution No Matthews

Decipher research writer ~literally~
sharing guy advice
posted Tuesday, extending funding hassle free.
Flamboyant escort army
cow saw it all.
One man leered... swooned.

Cheap oem soft samurai fable.
It safeguarded gremlins,
takes on Lohan’s woman, needed
the big morphus adult limewire bikini
wallpaper, at Buckskin Midland.

You are insecure.
Go, realize total and absolute power.
Change everything. Raise ejaculation volume.
It’s time to see the value
required, which downtrodden so monotreme,
the big broken
brunette buckaroo.
Yes, I paid people to do it.

       - Ghulam Rasool Chiboucas

Monsieur Chiboucas (1801-1879) lived a quiet existence in the French countryside until 1846 when a bad harvest, meager proletariat aid, lack of sex, and mismanaged communications from the Monarchy forced Chiboucas off his farm and into the Paris suburbs in search of sustainable work. He found a kindred spirit in Anselme Bellegarrigue, and together they published "Au Fait! Au Fait! Interprétation de l’idée démocratique", the worlds first anarchist manifesto. Chiboucas later went on to write antifascist plays, poetry and pamphlets including one that claimed the daguerreotype was a tool against the aristocracy. His work is often cited as a source of inspiration for other movements of change, such as the Reverse Revolutionary Movement of the United States, which (in 1881) argued for the United States reverting to English and Spanish colonies. Buenaventura Durruti was fond of quoting Monsieur Chiboucas’ anti-theocratic pamphlet, Explotion in Progress, including the phrase, "The only church that illuminates is a burning church." Our site is the first to feature Chiboucas’ poetry translated to English.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Choose your message ... deliciously

unhappy with traditional work,
voluntarily touched
jet black bobby-trap money order
                            ... very thoughtfully.

But the typesetting
that single-handedly ransomed
comfy nighttime sermon
swamped gospel celluloid
                           ... devotedly.

Buddha critic needed alpine milk shakes
in irreparable prosthetic militancy.

Did u hear?

Peach aphid negation-proof textbook sneeze provides
chemical changes,
Welsh advice,
pills from Canadian pharmacy.

This is your chance!
You might be able to solve this caterpillar madness paralysis.
Handing them over seems redundant.
So why do you continue to bash them?
       - Francis Bartlett

As one of the three main conspirators behind The Throckmorton Plot, Mr. Bartlett (1549-1583) spent much of his time writing Gaelic poetry and tending to his garlic crops. Descended from a family of orchard growers, originally surnamed Homme dePoire, Francis received training to follow in his family’s footsteps, but occupied his spare time with poetry. In 1579, Francis Bartlett met Francis Throckmorton and together, they held hands and skipped across the European continent, meeting bleeding Catholic malt contents from England in Spain and France. Francis and Francis were imprisoned when they returned to England and, under torture, Francis revealed a plot to invade England with the help of foreign troops to place Mary Stuart (Queen of Scotland) on the throne. Francis also named several allies (including Francis) in his confession. His entire confession was composed as a sonnet to which Queen Elizabeth I famously responded, “We are not amused”... a phase later stolen by Queen Victoria in response to Roger Waters’ 1992 album. Francis Bartlett was executed in 1583 by method of drawn and quartered, which he rhymed with fawn and sorted.