Saturday, March 17, 2007

Toboggan Patriarchal Balm

You won’t find better
(be preferential or molt)
         through furnace option and apostle’s fatigue.

Monolith secrecy or distortion
lump into crazies
water-resistant starvation above muddy preview.

Kuji was a real bitch, and openly despised all of our students.

Textile wheeler Jill
cartwheeled camembert
to find liturgical purses,
         which be burlesque.

Miscued marriage activity widely suspected.
It introduces rights which earlier proved impressive. Look... not to minimize crimes of the rest, but machinery featured was helpful as is reclamation language.

Influential polling place oatmeal demonstrators
characteristically tired of all these dramas,
demolished businesses.
German shenanigans didn’t track inventory for unusual volume.

Best thing you can do  ...     leave.
       - Lucifer Underdahl

Known as the father of modern pseudepigrapha, Lucifer Underdahl (1647-1719) was born in Norway during the Oldenburg dynasty into a family of abbey builders. While this provided a lucrative trade for the Underdahl family, they never converted to Christianity; remaining faithful as many of their generations had before them to the Codex Regius. This upbringing sheds light as to why, from an early age, Lucifer Underdahl rebelled against the 400-year night by crafting poetry and essays (many times disguised as Old Norse literature) promoting pantheism while railing against the economics of modern religions that had invaded his country. Mr. Underdahl had two works published prior to his death;Aster Proinos (1696) and Aster Orthrinos (1705). He was arrested in 1715 by order of Frederick IV of Denmark for letters against eating Pietism. After a long and confusing trial, the verdict handed down by the King read, "Luciferi primo cum sidere frigida rura carpamus, dum mane novum, dum gramina canent." Mr. Underdahl’s final published piece, Phosphoros (1727), was issued posthumously by his brother and contained unfinished manuscripts, a brief transcript of Mr. Underdahl’s trial, a copy of his execution order by way of being tied and left on a skerry at ebb, and his final words prior to drowning.


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