Monday, March 05, 2007

I Revolution No Matthews

Decipher research writer ~literally~
sharing guy advice
posted Tuesday, extending funding hassle free.
Flamboyant escort army
cow saw it all.
One man leered... swooned.

Cheap oem soft samurai fable.
It safeguarded gremlins,
takes on Lohan’s woman, needed
the big morphus adult limewire bikini
wallpaper, at Buckskin Midland.

You are insecure.
Go, realize total and absolute power.
Change everything. Raise ejaculation volume.
It’s time to see the value
required, which downtrodden so monotreme,
the big broken
brunette buckaroo.
Yes, I paid people to do it.

       - Ghulam Rasool Chiboucas

Monsieur Chiboucas (1801-1879) lived a quiet existence in the French countryside until 1846 when a bad harvest, meager proletariat aid, lack of sex, and mismanaged communications from the Monarchy forced Chiboucas off his farm and into the Paris suburbs in search of sustainable work. He found a kindred spirit in Anselme Bellegarrigue, and together they published "Au Fait! Au Fait! Interprétation de l’idée démocratique", the worlds first anarchist manifesto. Chiboucas later went on to write antifascist plays, poetry and pamphlets including one that claimed the daguerreotype was a tool against the aristocracy. His work is often cited as a source of inspiration for other movements of change, such as the Reverse Revolutionary Movement of the United States, which (in 1881) argued for the United States reverting to English and Spanish colonies. Buenaventura Durruti was fond of quoting Monsieur Chiboucas’ anti-theocratic pamphlet, Explotion in Progress, including the phrase, "The only church that illuminates is a burning church." Our site is the first to feature Chiboucas’ poetry translated to English.


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