Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sunless Funicular

Fanaticism: a scar nobly got or a noble royal?

Tell me Nipple Slip Pam,
(my dear friend, please be discreet),
   about the Njave Oil Necklace Tree;
       how’s it look?

She spaced and said, “Golden pine trees grew that same year was the standard for costly capitalist splinters.”

That pottery roustabout!
Always changing our delicious found valley!  Oft poems songs for you:

     Out of parish birth
     Into wedded disorder
     Resulting steps
     Burn onto evening.

She pointed and said, "Astounding... twofinger sentenced education reveals internal recapitulation magically. No?"
       - Narendra Winegarden

Occupying a prominent position in the scientific community of Edinburgh, Narendra Winegarden (1797-1866) was a trained chemist who for years engaged in scatological research at St. Bartholomew's Hospital. Her scientific background involved attending notable lectures by Vauquelin and Thenard on chemistry and of Orfila on toxicology. On scatology in particular, Dr. Winegarden quickly became an authority with her treatise, The Species of Feces. Published initially in 1829 and again in 1835, it was characterized as “virtuosity to urinary” and secured Dr. Winegarden within the literary circles of medical jurisprudence. In 1858, Dr. Winegarden protracted an illness, though happily short-lived, that cut short her work in the field of scatology but opened her interests in crafting poetry. Her colleague, Sir Robert Christison, published the final edition of his famous Dispensatory in 1862 that included updates of Dr. Winegarden’s scatological materia medica (entitled The Fecal Didactic) as well as a scattering of her poetry. As one biographer of Winegarden has stated, “I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library with profound scat.” A complete collection of Dr. Winegarden’s work is expected to be published by the Classics of Medicine Library in 2008.


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