Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Sludge Earthquakes

Spartan las
died shaking fists calling
"Is this as good to you as it is to me?"
The I of veritable
didn't understand it.
acting behalf
to you
replace explicit
glimmering headboard.

Glimmering headboard
your necromantic
to he typify my neurosi
as church choirs chid
shiny laptop African housemates.

African housemates
swung the seen taxi
at warning stuff so routine like
your wallet with
infused extra thyme risotto.

Thyme risotto,
your squalo parish limits these long time
suffocatio from other -maybe- ace sear.
My dear Mafioso Cleopatra,
correct me if I’m wrong;
Instead we should work out amongst ourselves what makes sense to implementin a
Spartan las.
       - Wojtek Tauber

Starting at the end, Chief Petty Officer Tauber (1915–1951) died in service for the Royal Navy during an arctic expedition to the Ayles Ice Shelf. His expedition to the Artic North involved the search for Rhan-Tegoth (He of the Ivory Throne), who is believed to have dwelled there 2 to 3 million years ago. CPO Tauber learned of the Rhan-Tegoth during World War II while assigned to a special division of the Royal Navy developed in the early days of the German advance. CPO Tauber was given the assignment of deciphering Stanislaus Hinterstoisser's magnum opus on the occult, Prolegomena zu Einer Geschichte der Magie. It was thought that knowledge from this book would help the Allies in countering the German’s research on Friedrich von Junzt’s magnum opus, Unaussprechlichen Kulten. Debate continues on the true effectiveness of either party’s advances in the circles of magick. However, it was during this time that CPO Tauber began his second life composing poemas obscura. As a youth, CPO Tauber enjoyed mountain climbing and would often scale the Bernese Oberland with little, if any, equipment. This is why his death during the Ayles Ice Shelf expedition remains a controversial mystery.


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