Friday, December 22, 2006

On Northland No Evince

On Northland1 no evince2 battle medieval progra coquett3 bloodstream.

His no saint exultation4 fluently interrelated combat guidance by conflict5.

Morning nightmare6 focusing to shroud adolescence from original vexatiou7 romance.

Kneel below proud Eve8 images and belittle all-important items as to obtrusion9.

Redemption serviceable as opposite sandcastle carpenter10 reveals internal purity culture11.

So at Tunisia, consider seven random mass graves12 by public wish of past armageddon13.
       - Sabella Lettieri

Serving as a presbyteri cardinales to Pope Urban VIII at the See of Spoleto, His Eminence Lettieri (1582-1643?) was fond of writing poetry and often composed his reports in common meter. Pope Urban VIII was a great patron of Catholic foreign missions and frequently sent Lettieri to investigate the northern areas of the Holy Roman Empire. During this time, Lettieri formed strong opinions against the church’s autocratic bureaucracy as well as a personal disliking of Martin Luther, yet paradoxically expressed his admiration of the Reformation Movement. His Eminence Lettieri was subsequently excommunicated in 1643 and disappeared shortly thereafter. His writings are archived at the Vatican Library and remain as historical accounts of liturgical life during the Holy Roman Empire. At the request of Father Leonard Boyle (chief librarian), the following footnotes were included with this submission.

  1. A reference to the Kingdom of Saxony.
  2. (pronounced er-biche) Mercenaries of the Holy See in Saxony.
  3. Crude term for a Gnesio-Lutherans group from Sweden that translates into "progressive eunuch". The word "medieval" is used to denote how poorly the Swedes were armed. Thus, this line of text is critical of both waring factions.
  4. A reference to Martin Luther’s "95 Theses".
  5. This line implicates Martin Luther for fueling the violence of the Protestant League despite his adamant denial of such activities.
  6. The rising Reformation movement.
  7. A slight twist on the Latin word for veneration; denotes sarcasm. This line criticizes the leaders of the Reformation as trying to remove all ties with the Catholic Church.
  8. An off-handed remark about Katharina von Bora.
  9. This line reports on von Bora’s secret passion on becoming a venerated leader of the Reformed Church. It also conveys the Reformation’s ideas of eliminating the worship of Saints and Sacraments.
  10. A critical remark against the office of the Pope (sandcastle carpenter) and praise for Martin Luther's thesis (opposite sandcastle carpenter).
  11. A reference to Martin Luther’s "95 Theses" (specifically 37 and 95).
  12. A reference to the Ottoman Empire-supported Corsairs massacre of the Berber Hafsids.
  13. This line points out the backlash the church continued to face for the Crusades. Thus insinuating that the Church should be prepared to pay for its past sins.


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