Monday, December 11, 2006

Diarrhea Permutation

A salad dressing
orbiting the prime minister
underhandedly shares a shower
with a federal ski lodge.

A federal ski lodge
steals pencils
from a vaporized cargo bay.
The pickup truck
behind the short order cook
ignores an apartment building.
When you see a carpet tack
it means that the chestnut
is reminiscing about lost glory.

A chestnut with an inferiority complex
secretly admires
the power drill.
A frustrating briar patch
satiates the boiled recliner.
An overripe blithe spirit
is muddy.

A blithe spirit flies into a rage.
A dust bunny slyly assimilates
a crank case.
A sheriff related to the minivan
believes that a satellite falls in love
with a loyal tape recorder.
But they need to remember
how a load-bearing burglar
wakes up.
       - Sharon Mesmer

Sharon Mesmer (1827-1890) was born in the interesting old town of Henniker, NH. On completing her school education she made Brooklyn, NY, her home. She published a volume of poems, national and miscellaneous, in 1857, which fixed her rank among the foremost of American feminine poets. After publication, she made an extensive European tour, visiting, with a party of friends, all the countries except Portugal, ascending the Nile, inspecting the noted attractions of Syria, and traveling in Russia over routes rarely frequented.


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