Thursday, November 09, 2006


what would your family do if you died?
Allow us to show you our quality operation
see the fish come alive!
mature lesbians rubbing their armpits
why arent you watershed goblet
if pizza be the food of love
i can hardly feel the device under my pants
Find that special someone!
Tooth whitening of the stars
With exclusive peeing Belgian girls
if you don't wish to receive these offers, go here
       - Don Hertzfeldt

these spoems were composed by mr. hertzfeldt in 2004 and are an example of his finest, most illuminating work. according to mr. hertzfeldt, “i know nothing about computers. mine is a little glowing magic box. don use rock and stick. fire bad.” mr. hertzfeldt spends his days (and many late, late nights) watching grass grow.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I knew someone would get around to collecting these found poems. I get such a kick out of reading them.

1:52 PM  

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