Monday, October 30, 2006


Stay at moms work from home
delivering pharmacy worldwide
cartridge discrepancies.

Discover mother-in-law products that can improve you life!
:::methyl cyanide
::::nitrogen tetroxide

Please do not come to work today

Painful disorder?
No work tomorrow; Office closed

Office closed; No work tomorrow

Handshake cold sore?
Please do not come to the office today

Trust me, mole catcher. X-ray therapy doesn't keep you up at night.
       - Lua Haskell-Eiffel

Mrs. Haskell-Eiffel is best known for her groundbreaking work in R&D for Commodore International & MOS between 1978 and 1983. Her interest in poetry began as a fluke when she noticed that several lines of complex programming code could be read as a surreal story. Mrs. Haskell-Eiffel began to experiment with this idea at the same time she was introduced to leet-speak. In 1986, over the course of two weeks, she composed “D34D p30PL3 74$73 L1|<3 (|-|1(|<3|\|”, which combined leet and obscure programming syntax to form an epic battle poem as an allegory to her days at Commodore. Her poem, “{tthemee}” was written several years ago, but makes its first published appearance on our site.


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