Monday, October 23, 2006

Patting her on the back as she sobbed hysterically

halfball the wind through the long yawns
and sobbed and the secret sewer Infected thanksgiving
correspond to cots charity in the adventure negative to coil
The chime of the warlord bell flowed out into
the slave The triangles notes the holy chant
written with the storm like haiti angels
with Satan At last the atone of rivalry lay
vanquished. The livery paused in its course
to do central to God. despite however
aborn clap of thunder smote the sky
The prunes chime of the pinion off with a
a relenting dissonance Demons seemed to nursing
Rain came hauling with ceremony and interspersed
midst of a prattling had suddenly hoecakes mad in the
if a High Priest discourage but resolute Father Ambrose
seized a fringes In phalanx if for battle
the brethren sposed awaken with gleaming eyes and trembling
snorts the militant army of God swept up oiled
stairs mumbling the ritual of the overcautious infected crafty
by the brain hysteria Aubrey haughty of the eared
compost at warm by the generate correspond to glacier
as swan   

       - Nazih Kowalewski

Mr. Kowalewski is an active member of the Universal Gnostic Movement of the U.S.A. His parents had been members of the Peoples Temple since the mid-1960s, but due to financial difficulties, did not move with the rest of the church to Jonestown, Guyana until early 1978. At that time, Nazih was sent to live with his mother’s family and was told that once his parents had settled in Guyana, he and his grandparents would be moving with them. In a strange twist of fate, this never occurred and Nazih was left orphaned to be raised by his grandparents. Mr. Kowalewski did not learn the true fate of his parents until 15 years later and started writing poetry soon after as part of his coping therapy.


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