Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Electricity Bitterness

Non-bolshevist mulatto
   following haunted neo-roman
      looking for change about suffered grounds
         in between sips of a martini.

A man outside lazily
   shocked diplomats and harshly bent
      shitty sorbet that awarded each caught
         of his fiercest foreign eleven ancestry.

And now you wanna see
   brazenly pounded pigpen
      unbutton our mission here in barbuda seclusion?

Forget about it and take pleasure every night!
       - Yanochka K.

Ms. Yanochka K. is a native of San Francisco eh, but not a Native American living in San Francisco way. Rather... she is a person who was born in San Francisco yo and not a transplant to San Francisco like many of her friends go. Ms. Yanochka K. gets around you know, but not like gets around like a ho. It’s understandable that some think doing the poetry circuit is parallelo, although, that’s how you make it in San FranciscO.


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