Monday, November 13, 2006

Emergency Spanking Foundation

Canker sore gradation
already on anticipation
foresaw confederation
of impoverished phony temptation.

Spud left-handed
access just updated
diligently demented
nouveau paranoia noted.

Investment strategy
carefree tendency
Nothing says anatomy unbearably
like blue palm snobbery.

Ignominiously sloughing
especially crafted battles featuring
up-and-coming enhanced libido gaining
stronger ejaculation (watch where your aiming).
       - Colleen Timotheus

Ms. Timotheus was born on December 1, 1947 in Hastings, England. Her family had fled from Naples, Italy to England during World War II but didn’t bother to assimilate into English society. Thus, the young Colleen had a difficult time with her studies and ultimately dropped out of school. Feeling disappointed with her path, Ms. Timotheus decided to study English on her own and by the time she was 19, had drafted a critical essay on Alexander Pope (entitled “Pope on a Rope”) which gained her admission to Trinity College, Cambridge. Ms. Timotheus has received several nominations for her literary work along with several collections published in Europe, yet has remained obscured in the United States.


Anonymous morton hurley said...

Hello readers!

I will be traveling on vacation until November 28th. New spam poetry will be posted when I return for all to enjoy.

Until then, please check out the new Squarepusher album (Hello Everything) as his music dominates my audio landscape.

1:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this site for real?

8:40 PM  
Anonymous morton hurley said...

Hi everyone. I'm back from my vacation!

The spam poetry will continue posting next Monday with new & unpublished materials from several known flarf authors.

Thanks for hanging in there!

6:52 AM  
Anonymous morton hurley said...

To Anonymous. This site is not real, rather... it is surreal.

11:42 AM  

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