Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Uncork Hindrance

Ambition goddess
still waiting
for     morning
recklessly longing, dancing
at the
passion-kindling oven furnace.

Beauteous the stonecrop
is so bitter
against six most
symbol     and
by the visiting
nasturtium yellow panther cat.

Yellowstone the feverish
misreading      of past
cranston prophesy
to centerpiece on retardant
open-headed pasture thistle.
       - Hiawatha Biros

Her Lady Biros (1392-1464) was a princess of the Nehântick tribe that lived in an area now known as New England. She was noted for her mastery of the Algonquian language and created several epic poems in honor of the tribal leaders and the war victories the tribe enjoyed during the peak of their existence. As custom of the day, her work was copied and modified by other tribes of the Eastern North American region, yet her style was unmistakable. Several generations later, all would have been lost during King Philip's War (when the Nehântick tribe was nearly decimated) if not for an intrepid Algonquian translator named Bartholemy Barnes. Mr. Barnes was sent to the colonies by Cambridge University under an agricultural engineering fellowship, but focused most of his attention on documenting all of Her Lady Biros’ works. A book of Barnes’ translation was published in 1680 by Gloucester and Kimberly (UK).


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Good blog, I want to congratulate you, specially for for this comments about the author, has work there.
Congratulations again.
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Viva Peru!!!

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