Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Michelangelo Moth Sexercises

break down
her no athletics.

My dear
Elma wrote:
Be it decreased
as proximity –
Preconceptio circumlocutio telluri.

Happy or not
Dear sir,
I am interested in it.
       - Guadalupe Covington

Ms. Covington (1774–1832) was born a mestiza in an area of South America now known as Suriname. Her father was an Englishman who traveled back and forth from the old world as a merchant first-class with the Dutch East India Company. In 1796, Ms. Covington traveled with her father to see his homeland but was stranded in Europe when the Dutch East Company went bankrupt in 1798 and all trading routes became subject of a hostile bidding war… making travel by sea rather expensive. Her father encouraged her to study literature at Leiden University where she excelled at language arts. Ms. Covington never returned to her native country and died peacefully at her home in Zeeland. A petition remains open in the Dutch parliament for transporting Ms. Covington’s remains back to her native land.


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