Thursday, December 14, 2006

Foregoing Multifariousness Pandemonium

 Bat mitzvah lyricist...
 still upset
 synagogs closeting investment strategy
 hardball solitaire extremist.

Demonic scary creature
 gluttonously drags
 psychedelics bosses...
 without interruption...
           (poor dudes)

Oyster Perpetual
 waddle blabbermouth
 sultan junk-food.
       - Mandy Zimmermann

Ms. Zimmermann (1903-1943) started her career in poetry during her studies at the Universität Breslau. Her first published piece, "Repetitive Aspect Continuous" was met with mixed reviews but stands out as one of the earliest adaptations of the Generación del '27 style. Her first and only book, Plagued Adventure, was published in Poland (1939) and received positive reviews for her ability to take different forms of poetry and craft them to her own style. Her family did not escape Poland before the Nazi invasion and was ultimately taken prisoner to one of the extermination camps. During the Shoah, Nazi guards allegedly tattooed one of her poems on her chest when they found out she was a poet. Ms. Zimmermann was executed at Chełmno nad Nerem in early 1943.


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