Thursday, January 04, 2007

Occult Climate

A calm inhuman quasiorder
orchestrates steep deep sneers.
The haiku patrol resurrects a rare ache,
a barbarian parboils the boatyard liturgy,
and cavemen titrate their pokerfaces.
The cryogenic spy and the inexpert cartographer
conjugate insufferable fur cantos.
A cowpoke codebreaks the corset barbecue,
starlight contorts contrite gravestones,
and the lovelorn gangster cheerleads droll keyholes.
A ghoul adulates fictive bisexual fingerprints.
The carload of liars obstructs the sepulchral brainstorm,
a locksmith abducts a vast peaceable proton,
and the debonair conquistador razes a thunderclap.
       - Christopher Toll

A religious and pious gentleman, Christopher Toll (1747-1819), along with Samuel Hopkins and members of the Religious Society of Friends, helped settle the area now known as Crofton, Maryland. Toll’s parentage arrived in the new world from Pureland, Norway during the 1730s. Despite having little educational background, Toll’s work ethic and vast linguistic atlas earned him the respect of those around him. The children of his best friend, Samuel Hopkins, adopted Toll as their uncle and would often chat with Toll about literature, religion and business affairs... sometimes all at once as exemplified by our posting today. Mr. Toll’s best pupil was the second oldest of the 11 Hopkins children, nicknamed "Johnsie". Several decades after Toll’s death, Johnsie arranged for the publication of short stories and poems by Toll under the title Adapt The Best Loved Permanent Professor Under My Sonnet Kitty.


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