Thursday, January 18, 2007

Smelly Tea Party... ...don’t read it, believe it!

Scene One
Big breasted strawberry chinchilla enlisted Yangtze Carpetbagger with the veronal strawberry-blond carpet tack to proust the postman.

Scene Two
Combat committed handbags (happy or sad) have midsection by communal flatulent unhappily perishable. Mean-spirited cheese wheel airplane accessory skeptically may or may not be an alien.

Scene Three
Mandatory marksman admiring the standard swimming trunks with an option for lame amplitude fern if function refinance approved. Espadrille accounting separation accommodated, slowly by wedge, Waist Skirts Miuccia Exhibition.

Scene Four
By vestibule, the salubrious worldwide critic allowed the text rocket rocketdog rockin rocking the variety… almost actually killing Ella. Sucks, huh?

Scene Five
So the tyrannosaurus just remembered my pulp bait convenience store capitulation. This, despite a well-documented hospital examination of the child.

Scene Six & Seven, Eight, Nine
Overdrawn propose is the ability found everywhere as churchillian brown circle cyberhype cyborg. My rabbit prompting secretion saw it all. All details are there powerhouse. A powerhouse to bookstore.

Scene Ten
Casanova Shopgirl looking good in confiscatory of Nostradamus. If you’re shopping for a gift card this holiday season, let age purge and derail important aqueduct mother. More important, here's what I was telling you about... your food cravings can be combated under the money-moon.

Scene Eleven
The look of a continued use - you agree - will impress your girl with exculpatio. She’ll love your springtime bondage objects. See for yourself. Let’s go check it out. Let’s talk. Let’s keep in touch.

Scene Twelve
My soup. My fence. Mycenaea. Well, duh, of course I picked the option that makes me feel more full.

Scene Thirteen
Charmed burning oversized ashes of roses are, in my experience, awfully hard to clean up.
       - Desaster Osamu

For several generations, the family of Desaster Osamu (1527 – 1590) made their fortunes in Safavid Persia specializing in calligraphy. The family moved to the Kingdom of Poland of the Jagiellons in 1533 and found employment with the emerging bookmaking and typography industry. When Osamu turned 13, he started an apprenticeship at Fust & Schoeffer’s printing house in Mainz and quickly excelled at the art of moveable type and oil-based ink printing. Between 1559 and 1579, Osamu (having graduated to master printer at Fust & Schoeffer) crafted a five-volume collection of his stories, plays, poetry, and his family’s role in the history of Persian calligraphy. 111 copies of this collection, entitled An Eclecticism Subservience, were produced and immediately received accolades for its craftsmanship. The covers were made of red Moroccan leather tooled with inlaid designs by Léon Davent and gilded with 22 karat gold. The end pages featured iconic designs created by practitioners of the Novgorod School in Russia. The books used a typeface developed by Conrad Sweynheim and Arnold Pannartz, at Subiaco, Italy (circa 1465). The paper used for all five volumes (milled at the Duszniki Paper Mill in Poland) utilized a special blend of wood pulp with vegetable fibre to create a vellum-like texture. The first two volumes of An Eclecticism Subservience featured an ink blended from dried hawthorn branches, soot, and turpentine while the ink for the last three volumes utilized walnut oil instead of dried hawthorn branches to allow for superior printing results. Nearly all of the 57 full-page illustrations that are scattered throughout the five-volume set were created by Federico Barocci. In fact, Barocci’s original “Madonna in the Clouds” and “The Annunciation” first appeared in volume four of An Eclecticism Subservience. Each set was signed and stamped by all members of the bookmaking staff and each set cost 2,112 guilders (over $10,610 by today’s conversion). Several copies were immediately purchased by the Holy See and can be viewed today by special appointment. Desaster Osamu died in his own house on a Thursday morning before breakfast, 20th of December, 1590 CE.


Anonymous Mariapia Zuleta said...

Hey. I remember you reading this the other night. I've never heard of any of these authors. How do you find them? Do you teach at UH?

9:14 PM  
Blogger bunny said...

Do you ever wonder if you're developing multiple personality disorder?

I say that with love and a whisper of bemusement.

3:45 AM  
Anonymous Citroen Xsara Picasso said...

They really had convenience stores in the 16th century?

5:26 AM  
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