Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Character Quotations Test

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powered by pique earthquake ethics.

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              or extend elements into shy persona.

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I didn’t believe it the first time either.
But as garlic historians become fun
and make money,
consider careers as magnanimity in versa.
       - Kazuya & Mirja Kuramoto

Our entry today (translated from Japanese in 1926) marks the first time we feature a collaborative work from two noted poets who were sisters. Kazuya (1798-1876) & Mirja (1799-1880) Kuramoto’s families live in the Kyūshū region of Japan. Their family had a long history of cultivated the finest bombyx mori and lived peaceful lives for several generations until the Black Ships of Commodore Matthew Perry sailed in and ate the sky. The parents of Kazuya & Mirja would spend their winters teaching various writing styles to the sisters who excelled at kyoka (especially using kakekotoba). As a result, Kazuya & Mirja were sent to Uraga as part of a delegation to "welcome" the American trade invasion of their country with songs and poetry. They presented a kyoka entitled "Don’t Miss It, Seaport Queen" that contained dramatic sarcasm disguised as projected historical truths of the trade relations between Japan and America. The two sisters later went on to become surfing experts around Miyazaki, but always maintained their quiet and simple life. When Kazuya passed away, Mirja had all of her dresses, shirts and robes modified to have one black sleeve as a symbol for the loss of her "good arm". Mirja did not write again and was reported to have died alone while resting in the shade of the Kurita tree.


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