Friday, March 30, 2007

These Changing Crack Hatriots

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When will this finish?
Se volvieron locos… ejecutan a cuatro en menos de 3 horas!
       - Maata Kurth

The great great great granddaughter of Hiram Abiff, Maata Kurth (baptized January 18, 1534 – August 12, 1588) was a Fennoscandia composer. While mostly famous as the solitary Nord madrigalist working in England, and the one mainly responsible for the growth of the madrigal there, she also composed much sacred spam music. Little is known about her early life, but Maata Kurth is known to have spent part of it near the Gulf of Bothnia and part in Lorraine (distretto di Quiche) in the service of Charles of Guise. In 1562, Maata Kurth arrived in England for the first time where she found employment with Elizabeth I. Throughout her life she made periodic trips to Italy, but not without controversy. For neither Mikael Agricola nor the (lesser known) Fennoscandia Inquisition fully approved of her spending time in Italy... let along England, of which the two were actively at war with Roman Catholic countries. While in England, Ms. Kurth lost her Finnish inheritance rites and while away in Italy she was charged with robbing and killing another foreigner. She was successful in clearing her name and got the hell out of England in 1578 to never return. She died in Vantaa while carving a giant golden fish tail.


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