Friday, March 23, 2007

This Results from Field Chauvinism

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This reminds me a story that I heard when I was little.

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The support is the only reason I kept going.

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Everything good with you?
       - Anquinette Archambault

Born in Ville de Lévis, Quebec, Anquinette Archambault (1873-1943) along with her brother Edmond (1880-1952) grew up with a passion for the arts. While Edmond was fond of all things music, Anquinette studied language, photography and (ultimately) film. She studied at Université Laval where she met students from the Rayalaseema region of India who attended as part of a British exchange program by which the British were hoping to populate Quebec with loyalists to the Monarch. After graduation, Ms. Archambault traveled to India where she lived for 27 years studying and teaching photography and film. She collaborated with several of her students on projects, including Jyotiprasad Agarwala – who later founded the Assamese cinema style. In early 1933, Ms. Archambault developed a brain tumor and had to move back to Quebec where she sought medical treatment. During the course of the tumor’s growth, Ms. Archambault’s language skills began to take several strange turns. Ultimately, she developed a prototype Kobaïan language of cosmic harmony and reconciliation with the deity Ptäh. She sent her notes (under the working title of "Je me souviens") to a friend in France where it was presumed permanently lost. Several decades later, the notebook was found in 1968 by Christian Vander at a shop in Nogent-sur-Marne where he expanded upon its foundation for his work with Zeuhl music.


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