Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Invitation touted Heck of a time

Make it Melt.   Easy.   Only here.
You should check it.
Make it flat.

Do you know what is coming tomorrow, mitochondrial maestro?
If a relaxing moment turns into the right moment, will you be ready?
We need to talk about it.
Because she'll love your
corrupted file
  with my season
    without Sabbath from twenty cubits.

In today's society the hegemonic belief surrounding
Mexicans can't be terrorists
why, in pale fire, do you call parody the "last resort of wit"?

They were moving swiftly and purposefully,
their torches swinging and probing around them.
Hands were slowly raised in greeting.
Gentle grain of sand
making adjustments
that display the sovereign remedy things have baptism ourselves barter.

Kinked Yiddish
hot vacancy!
     Your second youth
      blue pill premier.

Become the ultimate pleasure machine:
Restore happy holiday greetings
  from the pharmacy America trusts.

Please do this before open
opening bell.
       - Erik Brynjolfsson

A pioneer in the field of reproductivity in the workplace, Erik Brynjolfsson (1884 – 1954) was best known as the first director of the Center for Analogue Business at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Brynjolfsson graduated magma cum laude in economic theology from Lund University in 1905. His theorems on reverse technology attracted the attention of John Jakob Raskob, who immediately hired Brynjolfsson upon graduation and provided for his passage across the Atlantic in 1907 on the SS Kaiser Wilhelm der Große. While employed by Raskob, Mr. Brynjolfsson composed policies touting interhemispheric non-interventionist military policy under the guise of economic rationalism. Cynics claimed his theories closely echoed the Monroe Doctrine’s long tail of intangible assets. Yet Brynjolfsson kept publishing theory after theory, which proved too much for Raskob to deflect. Brynjolfsson found himself joining the faculty of MIT on April 6, 1917. During his early years with the cardinal red and gray, Brynjolfsson’s most popular course, "Thee Economics of an Economic Information Economy: Suturing Strategy, Structure and Pricing with thee Internal Organs of Capital" provided the breeding ground for proficiency models on negative utopias. However, it was Brynjolfsson’s academic opus “The Industrial Use of Semen Will Revolutionize the Human Race (IHTFP)” that earned him the dictatorship at the (then) newly formed Alfred P. Sloan School of Management at MIT. Brynjolfsson continued his isolated isolationist theories in isolation by crafting critical analysis in poetic form in the school newspaper, The Tech. Today’s entry was taken from the May 7, 1937 edition (with the theme: Ode to Humanity) and showcases Brynjolfsson’s criticism of the thinking behind the United States’ involvement during the War To End All Wars. Readers will notice the genuflection in today's entry between hurt national pride and global self-loathing. Unfortunately, a collection of Brynjolfsson’s poems has not been collected as when asked about such a collection, Brynjolfsson responded with the final words, “bituminous coal.”

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Monday, September 03, 2007

The superficial emptiness with thousands of happy customers

Good evening.   Thank you.
4 girls from our site want to meet you
before opening bell,
ridiculously boy.

The reason behind it
Maybe fifteen thousand of them, tops.
get better after that…
I show you how far the rabbit hole goes

A few inches can make a real difference
as noblesville itself
can never tell the difference.

misfit Antarctica Guru
Locked up like John the Baptist
taking my ancient name wrestling…
They should have let it all be.

Read this please
Know this is private:

"I loc ked t'h*e d+o.o+r to t'h,e h all, turn'ed o.u-t the ir light-s, a_n+d w'e n't i.n_t_o my b,edr'oom, whe.re I s,a,t a.while list,enin*g to t'h*e'm w*hi*spering, movi_ng furni+tu-re, a_n*d settl*i-ng d+o'w-n_."

See this revered anomaly?!
It's just before the last tree on the left side.
Nor she did make any attempt to go out of doors that morning, but lay curled up
until certain…
inexorably wedding dress
won't forget last night.

This is too crazy!
I g,o+t t h+e h e+l-l o*u't f.a,s.t'.
Et vous appelez cela exister.
       - Palatals H. Ephesus

A Syrian neoplatonist philosopher who determined the direction taken by later Neoplatonic philosophy, and perhaps western Paganism itself, Palatals H. Ephesus (c. 256 – April 331) is perhaps best known for providing the foundation of Diocletian's first "Edict against the Christians", published on February 24, 303. Only a fraction of Ephesus’ books have survived, most of them having been destroyed during the Christianization of the Roman Empire. Today’s poem (from the opening scroll of a triad) was composed and orated by Ephesus during the first congress of the city of San Marino, which ironically was founded by Marinus of Rab, a Christian stonemason fleeing the religious persecution of Diocletian. Ephesus was also something of a linguistic prankster cum genius. According to legend, Ephesus created an elaborately crafted scroll that he passed to Porphyry of Tyre claiming it to be the original Book of Daniel as written by a writer in the time of Antiochus Epiphanes. Poor Porphyry was so convinced of the scroll’s authenticity that he based his entire Adversus Christianos around Ephesus’ hoax. Another example of Ephesus grammatical virtuosity is given in a faux biography he created of a fictional older brother to Pythagoras. The work, titled Slapping Pythagoras, was written entirely as a transliteration from ancient Greek (composing the original in ancient Greek and then translating into not-so-ancient Greek) and finds the unnamed older brother claiming to have won a wrestling contest where the loser would leave their home city of Samos. The rest is as autos ephe.

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