Monday, February 12, 2007

Kick Off Puppet Bible

Ted interrupting prohibitive presentation
awoke not suggestive cyclopean.
Shekeela wrote: He a not no rockbound.

Nano bracelet currently knowlingly riveting
rah-rah malnourished. A red hot kiss in love exploitation
for you, your commission, your umpteenth dump holder.

Alamo omelet sizzle picture touches
7 new mssgs for you (from ladies).
Forgot, sorry.

Your overdue account chalkboard journalism unleashes urn deficit.
Typesetter secretary (Gary said that she
also looks a lot like his sister according to some of the guys)
in actual fabled pokey
        "Baby, I’m not Muslim
          Fuck someone as much a she can handle."

Hallowing Vatican catholic moochers
fixation falling into
happy goodpasture.

I call him a taxi.
    Do it right now.
Do not miss this great opportunity
to see the value leak annihilation
improbably integrate
samurai stock info.
       - Massimiliano Villianueva

Raised in a Mapuche settlement in Southern Chile, Massimiliano Villianueva (1760-1817) joined the country’s drive for independence from Spain in the early 1800s. His mother was a Machi and foretold of Villianueva’s death – which was to be pulled underwater by a Nguruvilu. This may not have been far from the truth as Villianueva drowned in a creek during the Battle of Chacabuco under the leadership of Bernardo O'Higgins Riquelme. Among the items found on his body upon examination was a large notebook with crude sketches as well as drafts of poems (heavily influenced by Alonso de Ercilla y Zúñiga) that revealed the chaotic machinations of a region fighting for independence. The Mapuche were fond of neither the Spaniard royalists nor the Army of the Andes as both were considered passive-aggressive in their attitudes towards the indigenous tribes. As per tradition, Massimiliano Villianueva was buried on a bed of Copihue.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

You Have Past Issues [haiku]

First joke telling trial
  Sorcery so tenterhooks
Nabbed singing loose fan.

Can you explain this?
  I have a brief confession.
Thriller blackmailer!

Saintly defendant
  Big boobed blonde hottie Barbie
Prison freelance job.

Unsightly tabloid
  Quotes no rent by madman
He made calls carefree.

Ransomed child support
  Uncompromising evening
By pompous lover.

Now doesn’t death resemble another publicist, tired with hangover? Oh – for that LOVE LIFe again.
       - Amalthea Yingling

Born in the Rheinkreis of Bavaria, Amalthea Yingling (1818-1894) only wrote a handful of poems during her life-time, but the quality of her work continues to resonate and influence poets today. Allegedly from a lineage that descended from the Mongol princess Koekecin and Ilkhan Arghun Khan, Ms. Yingling shunned her family’s pedigree for many years as it was a source of constant pressure during her childhood. When she was of age, she stole away to the Lazio region of Italy where she ended up having a life-long affair with Giuseppe Mazzini. Ms. Yingling had never considered writing poetry until Mazzini, seeking additional material in support of the newly formed Roman Republic, approached her for an article for his journal, La Giovine Italia. Her poem, "Cantonese Existence", playfully integrated parts of Il Milione with the Syllabus of Errors, by Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti, as a commentary against imperialism. This unique approach to the poetic form was found to have been a major influence on Charles Reznikoff and the Objectivist Movement.