Monday, August 28, 2006

forgiver dead: all such in me [tanka haiku]

Please read this message
You won't believe what I found:
Hacker witchdoctress,
moon-stricken [and] non-gothic.
What will make her go sexy?

Your gold & diamonds
products that improve her life
she will love you more
she'll be going ooh-la-la!
Don’t make her wait. Get it now!
       - Norbert Chung

Mr. Chung and his parents were born and lived in Hong Kong but left the area a year before the end of the British colonization period. Mr. Chung currently lives in the United States and is a computer scientist at the IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center in New York. Research interests include application-specific architectures, tools and programming models for parallel universes, Asian-oriented software development, sources and transmission of kim chi, and software as art. Mr. Chung also serves as a consultant for the ODIN innovation management micropractice with an emphasis on best practices for war, fury and absolute destruction technology transfer. In his spare time, Mr. Chung enjoys crafting tanka style poetry and often finds his work published in the company newsletter. Our site is one of the very few outlets (outside of IBM’s employee newsletters) where Mr. Chung’s work is featured.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Sleigh Royal (part one)

He laughed a happy laugh, crouched down, and beat both fists as hard as he heard the familiar rumble from both sides. There was nothing on the left, Lord God himself, and then two stalkers were killed within a few days, are, in comparison, unleavened, no matter how deeply he plunges into the something... it would hurt.

But what do I care? In the end, they'll following his instinct -- backward, the very direction they couldn't take. Think upside down, reversing the curve of his wing, and reversing it.

Conclusion instructor, "You couldn't leave!"

That bright creature said to him, and the voice was strong and light and quick in the air, but far and away more important.
       - Stefanie Goldstein

It’s not common for this site to feature more than one work from each poet, but it’s also not common to receive an amazing three-part poem from one of the worlds most respected and recognized spam poets, Stefanie Goldstein. Ms. Goldstein first grew into prominence in 1999 via a series of critical poems published in the British edition of Vogue aimed at the United States, her most famous being “Stop Being Obese and Unhappy”. She continued her tirade against the United States as well as her native Israel for several years and has seen many of her books (as well as anthologies containing her work) banned by several countries. In 2005, Ms. Goldstein inexplicably changed her style to a more abstract and conversational tone; one that shied away from direct political and national confrontation and, instead, embraced what she self-mockingly refers to as "walking through a crowded train station and remembering only the fragments of conversations". Continued in next post…

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Paper Foot (sleigh royal part two)

The residing hysteria Aubrey, marvelous of the sadistic. The idea of being his widow overcame her.

"I don't care what they say," he thought fiercely, and his vision… the knocking paused in its course to do stallion to God.

It took him a while to understand. That disappeared somewhere from his fingers, and he lit another one. Arthur stood, chiseled profile, the clear skin of his cheek, and the determined set of his mother's blouse.

Redrick thought that they were putting his old man in the hospital for blood, and didn't even think about abandoning him… even though I had. If I start out on the bike at first light, I might even be able to make it back before noon.
       - Stefanie Goldstein

...continued from previous post. Her fans quickly split between those who longed for her original style and those who embraced "Stefanie - Mark II". A stunning example of Ms. Goldstein in top form was during the Latitude Festival set in East England in July 2006. There, she debuted the "Sleigh Royal" trilogy with her long-time friend Patti Smith reading part one, Attila the Stockbroker reading part two and Ms. Goldstein reading the third part. The reading was a resounding success and, soon afterwards, our site gained the incredible fortune of being the first to publish the "Sleigh Royal" trilogy in its proper form. Concluded in next post...

Monday, August 21, 2006

Wharf Dues Success (paper foot sleigh royal part three)

"Listen," I said to Kirill, still looking at the canisters. "Did you..."

"The trick, Fletcher, is that we are trying to overcome our limitations, hankies, and an orchestra."

"Not really. You see, by then I had come to believe in the visitation ground."

He cast Harry an oddly furtive look as he said it.

"Yes, but I have nothing to do with the study of extraterrestrial of them, and to help them see it in themselves. That’s what I mean by…. Tender? He does have two kids, after all… to the limit of their ability."

"I know, I know, I've heard all about your affairs. Forbidden! Have we suddenly become plague-ridden during the last two years?"

Spiritual interrupt...

"You're getting what might happen to you mixed up with what already happened to him."

       - Stefanie Goldstein

... continued from previous post. Fans of Ms. Goldstein’s work (both old and new) can seek out her collected works via her own imprint, Information Decommission Press, however many of her books are published in short runs and usually go out of print quickly. Fans and curiosity seekers can also tune in to Resonance 104.4 FM (UK) to hear Ms. Goldstein read many of her past and newest works as well as works of those she admires.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Violet Forbearance

Paper-shelled nankeen lily pagoda sleeve.

    darrin bowling
orange peeler incidence.

Your future muse-inspired mystery religion.

make other men envy you.
make your girls worship you.
make your girlfriend or wife speechless.

So what do you think?
       - Tatsuo

The darling of neu Japanese poetry, Tatsuo graduated from the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in 1984. He has traveled the world studying art and literature under several grant programs and collaborated with several international artists and poets on creating unique exhibitions exploring the possibilities of coupling advanced electronic devices with archaic languages and glyphs. Tatsuo currently lives in Ibaraki, Japan and is addicted to eating roasted almonds.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Okinawa Epicenter Question

Your health and well-being can be restored
Just order it on-line and the result will impress you!

Don't think the feeling of youth is gone
 pet rejuvenation
Why be an average guy any longer?

Products that can improve you life
 outrageously barley
 incantation nitroglycerine
Even now you can look and feel younger!

Don't stop doing things you like most
 waterfowl litigated wing feather
 deflected wave top stoic
Your future begins with this call!

Don't be left out, join millions of men in the revolution
       - Quetzalcoatl Granato

Born in a small village outside of Mexico City, Mr. Granato and his parents have lived in exile in Canada due to the violence of the 1994 armed rebellion of the Ejército Zapatista de Liberación Nacional in Chiapas. Many of Mr. Granato’s works are seeped in double entendres, alluding to a correlation between the innate human desire for sex and the need for confrontation and violence. Mr. Granato speaks and writes in five languages (German, English, Spanish, Yucatec Mayan, & Italian) and has published his work in one or more of these languages depending on the mood of the piece. He is currently studying the Chol language and hopes to begin using it for poetry and literature within the next three years. Ultimately, Mr. Granato wants to return to his original home in Mexico and teach his language skills to the native people. “Okinawa Epicenter Question” was originally published three years ago in the German edition of the Goodyear Orchestra Magazine and has been translated and reconfigured by Mr. Granato exclusively for this publication.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Last Call For Our Huge, Sweet Cherries

Hi my dear stranger,

Read this before Monday.
(you better read this, or you'll kick yourself)

Can’t be a lover anymore?
  Get out of the obese crowd, oil cake.

Want to be a hero in bed?
  End the annoying obesity now, well-sized future.

Harder Quicker and Longer Healthy life is your dream?
  Check out the wonders of pound melting, orchard heater.

What’s your opinion?

Oh, you are not able to control your feelings!
   (And it’s not strange – you cuum very fast!)
But now you can penetrate hardly and give the pleasure to every woman!

Ironing board?
Refreshed by the Presence of The Lord?
Thank you for choosing easy speedy vast diocese!

Sweet occulting light

Your well-affectioned beaker repentant nail maker,
` Khashab

       - Androcles Bergstrom

In 1999, Mr. Bergstrom had written a poetic essay for publishing consideration to the Dutch magazine, Vjijagra Rexplica. The piece was rejected for being (quote) too abstract and not pertinent to any articles or poems of recent publication (unquote). This inspired a series of creative letter writing from Mr. Bergstrom to other arts-focused publications, but this time under the nom de plume, Khashab. These letters were collected and studied in 2002 by Phi Kappa Phi’s Forum Magazine as an example of poetry terrorism. In 2003, Mr. Bergstrom was invited to speak at a poetry symposium that was to be held at the White House on February 12th. The symposium1, “Poetry Will Kick Your Fascist War-Mongering Ass and After That, the Poets Themselves Are Gunna Kick Your Ass, Literally, You Fucking Criminal,” was eventually postponed but, the recognition was enough to earn Mr. Bergstrom several book offers… none of which he has accepted as of this publication date. The poem featured is exclusive to this web site.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Comprehend Infinite Moon Blindness

Elite handbag replicas
ricochet molasses
from stealthy blackberry typo.

Overdue notice warning on
wood scale organ building
increased stamina!

dietitian sculpture
will be forced to suspend your account!

Morning-glory family
(brand new, every man wants it)
revel in this private noble-featured
“Roosevelt select” bestseller action.

Symbian primates studied
unsafe coaster buoyancy.

What's in your collection?
       - Ethelinda Burk

Few poets are as obsessive-compulsive as Ms. Burk. True, many poets work long and hard to find the right combination of words and phrases to complete a thought or create an image however, Ms. Burk’s passion and zeal for wordsmith has thrice landed her in local medical clinics for intensive migraines and various physical ailments associated with stress. Thus, her collected work is quite sparse. Nonetheless, it’s not quantity, but quality that drives the fans of Ethelinda Burk’s work into frenzy when a new piece is published. Several small press publishers have approached Ms. Burk in an effort to collect (and probably cash-in on) her work, but she remains indecisive and uncommitted to the idea. Our publication is extremely fortunate to have “Comprehend Infinite Moon Blindness” as an exclusive poem from Ms. Burk which, as we are told, took no less than two years to complete.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

No More Trips To The Post Office

huge axial
  overdue notice

upward silver-plated

your luxury
  rosy showmanship

cheek disparaging
  inferiority complex

  well sprayed

enormous coproduct

vast bandstand
  large afternoon





       - Herodotus Escudero

Very puritanical in his methods for assembling verses of poetry, Mr. Escudero style is certainly one that requires discipline and patience. His first series of poems date back to the mid-1970s when, as a teenager in the mid-west, he attempted to replicate Albert Hofmann's famous bicycle ride. Along his journey, he started to pick out words and phrases on signs that he passed, which made for an amusing series of sentences… and thus, his poetic style was born. These days, Mr. Escudero takes the same approach to his spam messages by scanning the inbox for short bursts of text to string together. As of this publication’s date, Mr. Escudero is busy compiling his works for his first book of collected poems, to be called Clouded Alderwoman Permanence.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

A Better Future, World-Confounding

He tried to fight the chaos, to summon from lips under the thin mustache. Among the rocks and rubble stood a bulldozer, its lowered bucket jammed.

His free arm crawled forward never taking his eyes off the line where he listened. And when Monkey stopped crying and went back to sleep, he waited.

To be centered for shame meant that he would be cast out of gull, surrealistic and the absurd. The cumulative effect is Kafkaesque horror. The grateful mankind will never forget you.

What that thing was saying no longer had any stood as though he had been planted, he did not even turn around.

A    l o n g    s i l e n c e .

"Well, this kind of flying has always been here to be of my business. Now nothing concerned me any more."

Strong and light and quick in the air, but far and away more important, he first gulp, but the web crawled across his consciousness again like pictures on a screen.

Asked in a weak voice, "Of course if you wish to learn..."
       - Winona Shonda

Ms. Shonda achieved critical acclaim in early 2001 when she dedicated her poem “Life, Wild-Chosen” to the unsung heroes of the Philadelphia anarchist movement during the 1980s. The royalties and acclaim Ms. Shonda received from her work allowed her to explore other avenues of artistic expressions. In 2003, she started her own business of making hand-made paper and recently, she has been exploring the idea of producing and selling chalk with the grand vision of opening her own shop similar to the Sennelier in Paris.