Friday, June 30, 2006

Now What?

My friend, you are in trouble
I don't think you know about this
We have bad news for you
Your credit card was removed
Your account has been limited
You have feelings of guilt and embarrassment
Your VISA is fraudulent and it will be suspended
Your order status: passion wasted
       - Grover Ramos

When Mr. Ramos was five, his family packed everything they could carry and walked, rode buses and crawled their way from Columbia to cross over into the United States. They constantly crisscrossed the country seeking work on various farms and small factories, which has left Mr. Ramos to believe that he has seen and learned more about the United States than many natural born US citizens. His poem “Now What?” is characteristic of his work which tends to reflect on the cross modern dilemmas of the hyphenated American.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Pay attention to the message

Just out but without any results
Lose that ugly belly!
(Surely you only dream of it)
It’s not too late
Pay attention to the statement

Just published I think, yes
Regrow your hair today!
No doctors needed
How do you think it works?
Pay attention to the letter
       - Omar Eggen

Mr. Eggen lives in Watson, New York. When he was 22, he lost his left hand while experimenting with explosives. Unfortunately, Mr. Eggen was left-handed at the time and had to learn how to write and function with his right hand. Mr. Eggen has been writing poetry since 2003 and his featured poem “Pay attention to the message” has earned him world-wide recognition.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Walking Down The Street

Hi, penalty area
Hi, out-boarder
Hi, napkin ring

Hi, paddywhack almanac
Hi, oyster agaric
Hi, new jersey

Hi, paper birch
Hi, oil column
(((a breathtaking boom)))
       - Imke Burner

Mrs. Burner was born and raised on a small ranch in Wyoming. She currently lives 66.6 miles (a fact she is obscurely proud of) from where she was raised and has several horses, Brahman bulls and yellow dogs. She enjoys drawing and writing poetry on hemp paper. Her husband is researching a formula for medicinal hemp-based ink sticks.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

It’s All Yours

Your future, mezzo-soprano
Your health, passion-distracted
Your money, orange-wine
Your cash, nine-inch

Your future, novel-making
Your health, oxide brown
Your money, mound-making
Your cash, now existing

Your future, mince pie
Your health, nitrogen fixation
Your money, neo-darwinism
Your cash, pariah dog
       - Caligula LeFevers

Mr. LeFevers was born in Rochester, New York in 1953 as the youngest of five children. His grandparents immigrated to the United States as refugees during the French “Blue” conflict of 1910. Their last name was changed inadvertently from LeFleur to LeFevers while registering at the federal immigration station on Ellis Island, NY. A collection of Mr. LeFevers' poems was published in 2002 as Ger Ur Swiss Together by Fwd: Password Press.