Monday, April 30, 2007

Hymen Destroyer (bigger is better they say)

They are back for that candidacy
    of myself in cognitive bagpipes.
    Can’t believe it?
Let me show you...

do you awnt a {}prosperous future?
do you feel insecure about your penis size?
penis loader
penis power?

Don’t get left behind with good erection.
Just listen to you heart

This is unbelievable!
That is unbelievable!
This is incredible!

Feeling cold outside?
Why don’t you buy some medications to be healthy?
Don’t forget to ask for discount.
Good credit or not.

Want to shave a few pounds? Try to prop their commander up into a semblance of decentmule, let alone Rome's mules, the men of the Legions. It was a gift without worm activity detected.

Tell em the answer
The phone is the answer
   ... from me with love
       - Peer Syed Sahib

Peer Syed Sahib (1668 – 1741) and his family belonged to the Holy City of Ajmer Sharif (famous for the tomb of Hazrat Mu'inuddin Chishti) in India. Peer Sahib was kidnapped at an early age (scholars disagree on the exact age) by pirates of the Mongol Yuan fleet. The young Sahib quickly gained acceptance among his captors with his good listening skills and a soft, even-keeled voice. He would set up counseling sessions (trademarked as “peer-to-Peer” sessions) dealing with pirate depression (especially after the betrayal by their Sri Vijayan allies in the war with Majapahit), pirate money problems, pirate anger management, and pirate marriage counseling. Although Mr. Sahib was a Shia, he did not proselytize his faith to those he counseled. He became well known at many ports along the Indochina coast for his counseling sessions but he was not without competition. His rival, Pandit Maharaj, started out as an apprentice with Peer Syed Sahib, but broke from the franchise in an attempt to start his own ever-loving and pulsating cloud of happiness. Pandit did not get very far he was mobbed by a group of well trained pugilists who were devout catalysts of Peer Sahib. Our spoem today is part two of a medication meditation that Mr. Sahib developed for men to recite when experiencing erectile dysfunction.


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