Thursday, April 05, 2007

Seismic Gossip Bitching Angles

Desired future
following error through
    life to learn

Read me!
Receive a younger
    future angel
shooting magical biracial
double A rated sangaree
   with palindromic

Theretofore, less epochal mutiny of Glastonbury
go hangman in rectilinear
    venereal disease crap,
  heavyweight parish
    rainfall hostage statement.

South American quagmire
    undeliverable righteous labyrinth
for hot water container.

Dismal, endless pain?
Dim, and die tonight?

This is not an experience that requires religious belief.
  Moments, pulled up together,
this might be what you want.
       - Laurene Pearce

The youngest daughter of a Huguenot couple who were among the first to be murdered in the streets of Paris during St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre, Mlle. Laurene Pearce (?1562 – October 5, 1606) was dipped naked into her parents' blood, in a perverse rite of baptism, and warned not to become Protestant or suffer the same fate. From this somewhat interesting event, Mademoiselle Pearce’s writing style developed. Above all, she was an imitator that took to refuge in spamming notable Italian poets of her day along with the epic commedia of the Black Guelphs. In 1579, Father Edmund Campion became Pearce’s benefactor. Under his coin, she created several treatises, sermons, and sexy liturgical undergarments. Unfortunately, Father Campion had a bit of an accident involving an executioner and a scaffold resulting in Campion being hung, disemboweled and (while still alive) witnessing his steaming entrails flung by the executioner into a pot. As a practical joke, Mademoiselle Pearce arranged to have the body of Father Campion beheaded and quartered with pieces shown (for a limited time only) at the four gates of Tyburn. A few minutes afterwards, Mademoiselle Pearce befriended Philippe Desportes and together they spammed even more poets and writers, which resulted in the couple being sentenced to death in 1606. Asked if they had any final words (of their own for a change), Mademoiselle Pearce replied "Copier la réalité peut être une bonne chose, mais il est meilleur d'inventer la réalité." To which, Desportes responded, "Qui premier s'en repentira?"


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