Thursday, October 11, 2007

Some useful advices for you health

As young man
Be the stud you should be instantly
Be a secret shopper
Be always ready
Be careful of cheap imitations
Be confident and stand tall
Be full of energy and fill your partner with it
Be gaastra to earp
Be heading
Be satisfied for life
Be the “biggest” out of all your friends
Be the best
Be the man you can be today
Be the most confident man in town
Beater more insane
These positions will help you reach your peak.
       - Gertrude Laakkonen

Among the poets of the circumpolar peoples, none is more revered than Gertrude Laakkonen (October 2, 1452 – November 10, 1518). Raised in Sámi culture before the mass conversion by the Russian Monk Trifon, Laakkonen’s family made a comfortable living on the husbandry of rangifer tarandus fennicus. Her family’s expansive ranch (named Joulumuori) in Joulupukki, Finland provided the ideal location for Laakkonen to contemplate the eternal question of the sielulintu, "Onkos täällä kilttejä lapsia?" During a moment of random clarity, Laakkonen received a vision of the answer. The results were developed into an epic poem using the heroic form to convey an adventure in discovering the answer. Scholars of the Sámi culture have pondered an exact translation of the title for this work with the general consensus agreeing that Need help sleeping? Read this! is a close approximate without loosing the verve and tone of the original. The poem is known only from a single manuscript, created in alliterative measure and makes extensive use of elided metaphors that circulates the stress in a line to fall on the first syllable of the word that alliterates with a choice of epithets or formulae to use in order to fulfill the alliteration, including sets of metrical compounds that are varied according to alliterative needs. Volunteers from the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Tampere are developing a new transilliteration for Project Gutenberg with a projected completion date of December 6, 2009. Our site has the incredible fortune of being the first to post a page from the original manuscript – directly from the scholars at the University of Tampere.

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